October 4th CUSD Board Meeting

Clovis Unified School District purchased and converted the former ITT Tech building into a professional development and health center for its employees and retirees. Pictured here is the health center’s “welcoming area.” (Daniel Leon/Clovis Roundup)

October 6, 2023 – At the October 4th Clovis Unified School District board meeting, a few topics were covered by the School Board and concerned parents alike. In terms of recent news, CUSD maintains its stance of not making any particular choice on currently state litigated issues.

Superintendent’s Report

Superintendent of CUSD, Dr. Corrine Folmer spoke as the superintendent does before all school board meetings and brought to light how schools are getting “busier” during the month of October.

For elementary schools, October 20th will mark the end of the first quarter and this brings a catalyst for both students and school administrations to get started on testing and other events going on.

Dr. Folmer mentioned that the State of the District event went well and followed up on the sentiment made during her speech there.

“October is an extremely stressful month for our students and for our teachers.”

Public Comments Portion

During the public comment portion of the meeting, members of the public once again pushed the school board to make a policy that would notify parents upon gender transition of students.

In urging the board to make a policy, members of the public spoke at length mentioning “parents rights” at multiple points throughout.

The school board will not take action on any current item being litigated upon in state court.

Trustee Board Maps

 There was a public comment section held for the trustee maps portion that has been occurring for the past few board meetings. A few members of the public spoke this time at their given allotment of time. The discussion started on the basis of whether or not “Map 201” would be beneficial to CUSD.

A few members of the public did not like the proposed map 201, and Board President David DeFrank himself stated that Map 201 had an “uphill climb” in order to be successful.

A few other members of the board hoped to “keep the spirit” of the map, while at the same time not “diluting the voting strength of the protected class.”

Dr. Stephen Fogg finished the boards comments by saying that while the areas want to be competitive, “..We all wanna be one Clovis Unified family.”

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