UPDATE: Two additional victims identified in Clovis East Teacher arrest

Clovis East High School teacher Kenneth Lee, 50, was arrested for sexual misconduct with a student on Mar. 13, 2019. Since the arrest, two additional victims have come forward. PHOTO COURTESY OF CLOVIS PD

In the early morning of Mar. 14, Clovis Police Detectives were contacted regarding additional victims of Clovis East teacher Kenneth Lee. Detectives interviewed two females, both Clovis East students, who stated they were also victims of sexual misconduct in Mr. Lee’s classroom. Detectives are working with the Fresno County District Attorney’s Office regarding additional charges in this case.

Additionally, the Clovis Police Dept. would like to remind the public that anyone interfering with or intimidating victims in this case will be criminally charged.

Clovis Police are requesting if anyone has additional information regarding this case to contact Detective Ryan Swank at 324-3425.

This is an update to our previous story:
Clovis East teacher arrested for sexual misconduct with a student