‘Two Hands Corn Dogs’ giving away free corndogs at Sierra Vista Mall for grand opening

Photo from Two Hands Corn Dogs fb

January 17, 2024 – If you missed out on their soft opening back in December, you get a second opportunity to celebrate Two Hands Corn Dogs grand opening with family entertainment, prizes, and free corn dogs!

Two Hands Corn Dogs, a Korean Corn Dog restaurant chain, aptly named for the necessity of using two hands when eating their foods, has opened its first restaurant in Clovis at Sierra Vista Mall.

During their grand opening on this Saturday, January 20th, free corn dogs will be given away from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m.

Followed by a Spin the Wheel and Prize Giveaways from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.

From 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. you can buy one Corn Dog and get one free.

Customers will also get a chance to meet Two Hands’ guest of honor, Valley Children’s mascot George the Giraffe!

Two Hands is also a proud supporter of Valley Children’s Hospital and will be donating 20% of proceeds from the grand opening to the hospital. To honor of George the first 100 guests can enjoy a free Fruit Punch Slush.

Two Hands hopes to make an impression as one of the only Korean Corn Dog restaurants in the Central Valley.

Korean Corn Dogs come with a variety of fillings at Two Hands including mozzarella cheese, spicy beef sausage, cheddar cheese, 100% beef sausage, and a plant-based sausage.

These are then coated in the famous cornmeal batter and fried with options such as rice crisps, potatoes, bean powder, and even hot cheetos according to their website.

Two Hands Corn Dogs Marketing Partner for the Clovis branch, Ajay Hira stated  “We already own a business here in the Central Valley..for us this is one of the cities [in the Central Valley] that’s near and dear to us. We know the center here has been a little bit quiet, and it’s one of our goals to bring more people to this part of town.”

The part of town in reference is the Sierra Vista Mall, an area that has seen an influx of restaurants and businesses come and go in recent times. The hope is that they will stay in their newly formed location for a time to come.

“We specialize in Korean Corn Dogs. We have some different options, we have the spicy dog, the potato dog, we also have the classic dog if you’re more into the fair style.”

Hiru also says that one of the biggest goals for him and his family, which now includes Two Hands, is to “give back” to the community. “[We’re currently looking for] anyone in the community to find something to do to raise some funds, and help out. We’re really big on that.”

“We’re excited, we’re ready to share really good food, we make everything to order. And I mean it’s called two hands and I think the reason why is because you’re gonna need two hands to eat it.”

Two Hands Corn Dogs is located at the Sierra Vista Mall, 1220 Shaw Avenue, suite 105, near restaurants such as the Chicken Shack and Colton’s Social House. More can be found on their national website at: www.twohandsus.com