Two arrested and over $15,000 in stolen property recovered after church burglary

Brian Constantino (left) and Bennett Ward (right). (Photo Clovis Police Department)

May 29 – Clovis Police have arrested two suspects and recovered over $15,000 in stolen construction equipment after enforcement of a search warrant on Friday, May 24, 2024.

Friday morning before sunrise, 2 suspects broke into The Well Community Church on Nees between Minnewawa & Clovis, and just hours later, both were in custody and the property was back in the hands of the construction company.

Clovis Police Detectives received information on the whereabouts of the stolen property using technology and served a search warrant at a home in Fresno.

During the warrant, Detectives found all of the stolen equipment, which included lighting, tools, paint, and other items, in the home.

The suspects have been identified as 47-year-old Brian Constantino and 35-year-old Bennett Ward, both of Fresno.

Constantino & Ward were booked into Fresno County Jail for felony burglary, conspiracy, and possession of stolen property. A third person in the home was arrested on an unrelated warrant.