Tina’s Wigs moves to Clovis

Tina’s Wigs offers a wig for everyone (Photo Destiny De La Cruz, Clovis Roundup)

November 2, 2023 – Tina Hahn is the owner of Tina’s Wigs on Shaw and Minnewawa. She originally started her wig business in downtown Fresno in the 1970’s.

Less than a year ago, Hahn moved from a location in Fresno to her new location in Clovis. “It’s new, so it’s kind of slow,” she said. 

Hahn said that in her previous location in Fresno, her store was kind of tucked away. The storefront not being easily visible resulted in a lack of foot traffic, so most customers were just word-of-mouth and regulars. 

Now, at her new location in Clovis, she’s noticed a difference from her storefront being much more visible at her last location.

 “Since I’ve moved out here, people just walk in,” said Hahn. “They see the sign and they just come in. It’s much better.”

Hahn said that the store has been at this location since April. Since it’s still new, it’s kind of slow. “Eventually, I believe it will be much better,” she said. “I just want Clovis people to know that I’m here.”

She also spoke about the history and origin of her business. She spoke about how in the 70’s, a lot of the wigs were made by Koreans. “I am Korean […] so, you know, I had the connection.”

In 1969, Tina Hahn was a beautician living in LA when her husband found an opportunity to buy a wig shop. 

When talking about how they came to Fresno, she said, “I came here, sort of, accidental[ly].”

Her husband was passing through, and he saw a vacant store on Van Ness and Kern. She said that at the time, downtown Fresno’s main shopping center was doing really well.

She and her family moved from LA to Fresno in 1974 to open their new store. She was likely one of the first wig stores to open in the area.

In the mid-to-late 70’s, she and her husband opened a few different wig shops for years. She had a wig shop in the Manchester Center for about two decades.

Before moving her business to Clovis, he was at her most recent Fresno location since 1998—well over 20 years.

We asked Tina Hahn what she liked about having a wig business, and she spoke about the help she offers her customers. Hahn caters to a variety of customers, from cancer patients to people who just want wigs for fun.

Since she has a beautician background, Tina Hahn can also cut and style wigs for a customer’s face.

“I help them, and I find them the right ones. They kind of transform [when] they put the wig on.” said Hahn. “It makes them really happy. It makes me happy.”

Hahn said she has even made friendships with her customers, “So, I really enjoy my work.”

“You help people when they really need it,” said Hahn. “They’re shocked themselves when they come.”

Hahn said wigs look really good nowadays, “you can see how happy they are,” when they try on a wig and it completely changes their look.

“You feel really rewarded.”

Tina’s Wigs is located within Rodeo Plaza at 22 Shaw Avenue Clovis, CA 93612 on the southeast corner of Shaw and Minnewawa. The store is open from Tuesday to Saturday 10am to 5pm.

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