The Valley Community SBDC honors Clovis leaders

Andy Haussler, Assistant City Manager
Clovis Community College President Lori Bennett served for a total six years and is the second president of CCC.

March 22, 2023 – The Valley Community Small Business Development Center (SBDC) , a program of Clovis Community College, held their first annual National SBDC Day Luncheon Wednesday, March 15th.

The luncheon was to honor Small Businesses of the Valley, as well as bring awareness to the Small Business community. 

In celebrating small business, Valley Community SBDC honored two members of Clovis leadership that have helped in supporting both Clovis and small business as a whole. 

Dr. Lori Bennett, longtime Clovis Community College President was honored in a very specific way.

An award named after Dr. Bennett, the Dr. Lori Bennett Leadership Award, will be awarded to those who best exemplify the leadership qualities that Dr. Bennett herself showed during her time at Clovis Community. 

In a list of accolades, it was mentioned that Dr. Bennett was responsible for Clovis Community becoming host of the Valley Community Small Business Development Center.

“An educational leader for 26 years, Dr. Bennett served as the president, responsible for leading one of the newest and fastest growing community colleges in the state.”

The first actual awardee of the Dr. Lori Bennett Leadership Award was none other than the City of Clovis Assistant City Manager, Andy Haussler.

“For well over a decade, Andy has been stepping up to help create a better quality of life for the City of Clovis and neighboring communities…Often sought out for his wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience, his willingness to serve, assist and provide support without expectations or fanfare made him the obvious choice to be the first recipient of this award.”

Haussler was also awarded the Dr. Lori Bennett Leadership Award for his efforts towards small business during the pandemic and beyond.

Nine other awardees from four different counties were honored as well.

As for the Valley Community SBDC, next year’s SBDC Day will seemingly commence on March 20th, as they look forward to awarding more on the front lines of small business. 

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