Southpaw Sports Cards Holds First Trade Night

Groups joined at the Crow & Wolf Brewing Company to take part in Southpaw Sports’ first ever trading card event. Partnered with Fresno Street Eats, Southpaw Sports helped provide sports card and other memorabilia for sale to the public. (Photo/J.T. Gomez, Clovis Roundup)

June 23, 2023 – Southpaw Sports Cards, a trading card company held their first ever “trade night”, at Crow & Wolf Brewing Company over the weekend.

Crow & Wolf Brewing Company, out of Clovis, was available to be the first location for Southpaw Sports’ first event, but hopes are that it’s not the last. 

“We’re hoping to do this every month. Maybe stay here, maybe move around, we haven’t really decided yet,” said Will Robinson, owner of Southpaw Sports. 

Robinson pointed out the modest amount of card shows in the Central Valley and stated, “We just kinda said, ‘How can we get people out here?’, and combined things that we like, food, beer, cards and this is what we got.” 

The Central Valley food truck association, Fresno Street Eats had partnered with Southpaw Sports and was present at Crow and Wolf Brewing Company alongside them with their food trucks.

The collaboration was named “Rip N’ Sip Trade Night” as patrons not only were allowed to trade sports cards and beyond, but had food and beverage items readily available. 

Not only was Fresno Street Eats present, but also Mikey Keene, transfer quarterback for the Fresno State Bulldogs Football team was also at the Crow & Wolf Brewing Company.

The former University of Central Florida (UCF) signal caller was signing autographs and taking photos with future fans. 

Fresno State alumni football stars Dwayne Wright and Paul Williams also attended the trade night, meeting with fans both past and present. 

Will Robinson then expressed, “We’re having a really good response here already. I think it’s a pretty cool event. We’ve looked at a few other places and we’ll just see how this one  goes and kinda go from there.”

The owner of Southpaw Sports hopes to remind the public that, “[Trading] Cards are great for the whole family. They’re kind of making a comeback. We’ve got something for everybody, high-end, low-end, Pokémon for the kids. Just bring the family out and have a good time.”

Southpaw Sports is located out of Fresno but they do not have an official location that they work out of.

The public can follow them on social media platforms to keep up on future events. 

 Instagram: @southpawsportscards

Facebook: @Southpaw Sports Cards