SheraChic Boutique: Adding some fun to Your jewelry box

Shera Franzman, owner of SheraChic Boutique (Photo by Samantha Golden, Clovis Roundup)

April 9, 2024 – In that tiny storefront between boutiques, at 421 ½ Pollasky Avenue, there’s a new business specializing in whimsical handmade jewelry.

The store itself seems to suit the business very well. The display slats in the walls hold small items like jewelry perfectly, and a built-in shelf space on one side holds pottery, glassware, and more.

To give the space some of her personal style and to make an impression, owner Shera Franzman installed pink lighting and tulle curtains.

“I wanted to compliment Old Town Clovis, I don’t want it to be so different that it doesn’t fit,” Franzman says, “but I also want it to have…my own style.

SheraChic Boutique has occupied the space in Old Town Clovis since early March, but owner Shera Franzman has been making and selling handmade jewelry since 2017.

“I got started with it when Etsy first became popular,” Franzman says, “and the first thing I sold on etsy were these little dinosaur earrings, [made of] these little dinosaur toys, I cut them in half and painted them and you’d have one half of each dinosaur.”

Now Franzman focuses on polymer clay jewelry. One of her favorite patterns is the sun and moon style, which she attributes to her two children. “I’ve always really liked the celestial type of things, and so I was drawn to the sun and moon but now also I have a son and a daughter,” Franzman says, “my daughter’s always been very drawn to the moon and then we had our son, he’s much more like the bright sunshine.”

For rodeo season, SheraChic is selling bolo ties with polymer clay slides. You can get one with a geometric Western style slider, a buffalo head, or even a swamp monster.

There’s a little something for everyone at SheraChic. Whether you’re looking for cutesy, chic, or whimsical styles.

“I’ve always been drawn to that whimsical kind of thing,” says Franzman, about a pair of flying pig earrings, “you know, it’s a really big step for me, coming from just crafting things at home, and now I have a storefront in Old Town Clovis, which is one of those ‘when pigs fly’ things.”

In addition to selling at her own storefront, SheraChic has exclusive products in other stores across California. For instance, she sells earrings at the Madonna Inn that are modeled after the restaurant’s rose patterned goblets.

“Madonna inn has always been our celebration spot,” Franzman says,  “I ended up designing these goblet earrings because [my sister and I] love the goblets and of course that’s Madonna Inn’s signature thing.”

While visiting with their custom earrings, Franzman and her sister were spotted by the buying manager for the Madonna Inn store, who had to have the earrings too.

“To have something that I made with my own hands in a place that I love so much is really cool,” Franzman says.

ShereChic is open four days a week– Thursday through Sunday– in the little storefront between boutiques, on Pollasky Avenue, near the museum.