Shaver Lake Fishing Report: Quality trout action forecasted

Chris Flores, a baseball player at Clovis West High School, joined his grandfather, Frank Esparza, for a fishing trip with Dick Nichols. Chris caught this nice 18.5 inch brown, a trophy rainbow and eight kokanee on his recent trip. (Contributed by Dick’s Fishing Charters)

Shaver Lake continues to kick out multiple limits of kokanee most days. Even with a full moon and the rapid rise of water in the lake, we just keep catching limits for our guests every day. I think many are doing the same.

Beautiful and warm weather has drawn many people from the hot valley. I have seen an abundance of boats on the lake especially since school let out. With the surface water temperature at 66 degrees, you would think the kokanee would be relocating to lower depths. But, this is not true. The kokanee can be found at depths of seven to 25 feet down with an occasional fish at 32 feet. That’s not the normal characteristic of kokanee as they enjoy water in the lower 50s. It’s their best feeding temperature. So, why are they up in column? I have no idea, but I thoroughly enjoy it.

We are catching several kokes on the side poles which are equipped with Dick’s Koke Busters with scented corn behind a purple and silver, or pink, Mountain Dodger. The down riggers have pink, orange or white Dick’s Mountain Hoochies, tipped with scented corn, behind the same color dodgers. They are down 17 to 25 feet with the average good depth of 22 feet. Now, that means you guys out there whose boats do not have down riggers can do just as well by using leaded line or Dick’s Mountain Flashers. With mono filament line, the flasher can get you down to 20 feet or more in depth.

The trout action has been limited. With the exception of a yearling hold over of rainbow and some trophy sized trout, there is little action at Shaver. But wait! On June 20, Shaver Lake Trophy Trout planting chairman Bob Bernier and his crew planted approximately 900 trophy sized trout in Shaver. In addition, the Department of Fish and Wildlife planted a load during that period. So, as you read this story, you need to get up the hill and take advantage of these great plants. And of course, the kokanee bite is simply great!

There have been too many guests to mention in this story that have fished with me the past two weeks, but I can tell you that almost everyone has caught their limit. I hope it holds out as kokanee are real fighters and everyone loves catching them. They are in my mind the tastiest fish in freshwater.

Trips for 2019 are booking up fast. If you are interested in a fishing trip, contact the Shaver Lake sports at 841-2740 for reservations. The forecast: a quick surge in quality trout action into the 4th of July week. It will then wind down with a few trophies being caught. The kokanee will continue to be mostly hot action with a possible slow down in mid July and a good recovery August 1 into September.