Shaver Lake Fishing Report

Late Clovis resident Bobby Clark Jr. caught this five-pound trophy rainbow trout on his last fishing trip with Dick Nichols this past summer. He and his 97-year-old father, Bob Clark Sr., fished with Nichols for a dozen years. CONTRIBUTED BY DICK’S FISHING CHARTERS

Goodbye fall weather and hello winter!

Shaver Lake went from one of the nicest fall climates to winter conditions this past week. Heavy rain, a little snow and cold conditions have prevailed since the Thanksgiving week. The results? Only a few fishermen were found on the lake.

Prior to the storms, the trout fishing was fair to good with a decent kokanee bite. We found most trout in the back portions of the lake. Black Rock, Stevenson Bay and Boy Scout Cove were the most productive parts of the lake. Boy Scout Cove can be a real sleeper. Kokanee and trout often run into the cove and feast on food coming down the main creek entering the cove. It gets shallow in there but if you watch your depth finder good, you should have little problems at 25 to 30 feet deep.

The water in the lake has dropped to about 67 percent capacity and the cove has adjusted accordingly. I always like trout fishing the Stevenson Bay in the fall and winter using Trout Busters tipped with crawler on the back hook and corn on the inside hook. They may spread out but the trout and an occasional kokanee seem to congregate in there. So, for trout, leave the Sierra Marina ramp and start trolling in from Road 2 Point, to the Island and to Black Rock. Make a swing into Boy Scout Cove and then out across Eagle Point to Stevenson Bay. I think you will find some action on that course.

For the kokanee, without question, check in front of Sierra Marina to the dam, The Point and back. The buoys in front of Shaver Marina is also a good place to look. They can be found between 30 and 37 feet deep. But with the cooling of the water, all fish may come up in column. For the kokanee, I like a pink or orange Mountain Hoochie tipped with scented corn behind an orange and silver Mountain Dodger. The weather is going to be iffy. Last Wednesday and Thursday, rain and snow hit Shaver pretty hard. The cold air is another uncomfortable condition. Check the Sierra Marina webcam for up-to-the-minute details. I think the Sierra Marina may have been open with a couple rental boats. Call them and verify to make sure.

A sad change of note in my report this week. I lost two good fishing friends over the past two weeks. Shirley Bone, a well known Shaver resident and wonderful lady who had a desire to fish, passed away. We attended her funeral and fishing was mentioned often. A great outdoorswoman she was. Our thoughts go out to her husband Gordon and the family.

Another tragic loss was my longtime client Robert “Bobby” Clark Jr. of Clovis. Bobby gave his dad a gift certificate to fish with me every January on the senior Clark’s birthday. During the summer they would hit the lake with me and normally do quite well. Bobby was an avid fisherman with great skills. On our last trip, his sister Cheryl joined us. Bobby caught a five-pound trophy trout as you can see in the featured photo. Bob Clark Sr., a resident at Carmel Village in Clovis, will celebrate his 98th birthday in January – and yep, Bobby’s gift of a fishing gift certificate will continue for the elder Bob and Cheryl. The Clarks fished with me 12 straight years and I will miss Bobby very much. Like many of my clients, we became close friends.

My predictions for Shaver Lake fishing, for what it is worth: the trout will be sporadic. They will hit one day and not the next. The back parts of the lake will be the best locations to troll. A big trophy will be caught every now and then. The kokanee bite should be fair to good into January, maybe February in front of the marinas and The Point. Remember to return all small fish of any species.

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Until our next edition of the best paper of its kind, the Clovis Roundup. I wish you the best this holiday season. I can be reached via text at 559-281-6948 if you need anything.