Shaver Lake Fishing Report

Vietnam War chopper pilot Don Fairchild, of Fresno, is pictured here with his grandsons, 7-year-old Trent and 12-year-old Tanner. Also pictured is the boys’ uncle, Jon Hocker (left). It was a very special day for all. CONTRIBUTED BY DICK’S FISHING CHARTERS

The unexpected good weather brought more boat fishermen out this past week. I think the results have been mixed. Some trollers are connecting with 12- to 14-inch kokanee and some are having problems. I think it has a lot to do with the depth and colors of tackle.

The guys I talked to this week say that they had good results with a couple limits of kokanee at 30 to 37 feet right in front of both marinas. Sierra and Shaver marinas to be exact. One boat was picking up mostly kokanee at 33 feet deep with pink spinners, tipped with corn, behind a dodger near the Sierra Marina. Another troller pair was using pink or orange hoochies behind a dodger at 37 feet deep in front of Shaver Marina. Bottom line: it proves that the kokanee are still biting.

But then someone put a glitch into my report by saying he and his buddy fished both of those spots, a little higher up in column and only caught a few trout near Black Rock. Well, my feeling is again, depth and color of tackle. This time of the year has proven to be bright colors. Orange and green Trout Busters have always been a favorite of mine in the fall.

I am somewhat surprised we are not hearing more of a good trout bite. Holdover trout are usually biting this time of the year in Stevenson Bay and Boy Scout Cove from the surface to 20 feet down. My good friend, Craig Davidson, an Edison Camp host, is still picking up multiple limits of kokanee. He took three friends out recently and picked up 15 nice kokes for them using an Apex lure tipped with corn behind flashers at 33 feet deep. Davidson and his group found the hottest fishing near the buoys in front of Shaver Marina.

The weather is heading for some much-needed precipitation, perhaps some snow at Shaver. With this change of weather, historically the depths change and the colors can change. Perhaps a gold dodger may be a thought in your tackle selection. But dragging a Trout Buster tipped with a crawler behind flashers nearer to the surface may entice the bite some. I would start at either ramp and troll the lake until your find a school of either kokanee or trout. Eagle Point maybe a selection for both species this next week. Of course Boy Scout Cove needs a few passes.

With our recent annual observance of Veterans Day, I think of the many veterans who joined me for a fishing trip this past year. There are more of us out there than you may realize. There are two who really made an impact on me. One is a Fresno grandpa who took his grandchildren out with me twice this year. What a man he is. Don Fairchild served in Vietnam as a chopper pilot. Fairchild, a crusty guy who has the heart of gold when it comes to fishing with his grandkids, impressed me as a good angler but more so as a true American vet that loves his grandchildren. My hat goes off to him.

Another was Paul Racine of Arroyo Grande. He is a disabled combat veteran of the Middle Eastern war who despite his disabilities is an active outdoorsman. He and his wife, Laura, spent their first anniversary out on my boat for a fishing trip. While I admire him for his contribution to us Americans, it is Laura who I admired even more as she was so proud of him and even spent her first anniversary fishing with him. A good fishing wife? Actually she caught more.

OK, my predictions into December for Shaver fishing: the kokanee bite will pick up and last through January and the hot spot will be right in front of Sierra Marina. The trout bite will be sporadic and you will have to find them.

I continue to get texts from various fishermen out there and enjoy sharing thoughts. 559-281-6948 is my number. If you are interested in purchasing a 2019 charter trip for someone for Christmas, call Shaver Lake Sports at 559-841-2740 and ask for a gift certificate for one of my charter trips this coming year. It’s easy. Just call, use your credit card and the staff at Shaver Lake Sports will mail you a very nice gift card for that special person.

Until next time. I hope your Thanksgiving was great and I wish you and your families a very Merry Christmas.