Shaver Lake Fishing Report

Chris Hardy, a longtime Shaver area teacher and resident, took his brother Bob and his nephews Brian and Matt on a fishing trip to Shaver Lake with Dick Nichols. The Hardys kept this nice stringer of fish for dinner. The group released five more fish. Bob and Matt were visiting Chris from Minnesota while Brian made the drive from Davis. CONTRIBUTED BY DICK’S FISHING CHARTERS

You folks have had some real weather conditions this past month. It is hot in Clovis land! Because of the heat, many of you and others in the Central Valley have been migrating to the mountains and cooler weather, but 87 up here is very hot to us. So, we hit the water just after 5 a.m. in search of our beloved kokanee.

The bite slowed some since our last report but returned to good the first part of the following week. Those who drop their downrigger cables shortly after 5 a.m. have a chance to catch two limits of kokes by the time the sun kisses the waters of our beautiful mountain lake. When the sun crests the mountains and shines on the lake, the bite ceases or at least slows. About two hours later, a second bite forms and another limit of kokanee can be added to the box. Of course you can do like us and edge toward Black Rock and catch some nice trout.

Bob Bernier, the Shaver Lake Trophy Trout Project plant master, must have whispered into the ears of his trophy trout he planted in June to “go west” as they have disappeared. My buddy and fellow guide Todd Wittwer and I have not boated a trophy in two weeks. Some mini trophies but not the three-plus pounders we were finding earlier.

Our charters are pretty much booked heading into the Labor Day weekend, indicating that parents want the kids to have one more fishing trip before school resumes. A father-daughter duo that comes to mind is Dr. Scott DeShields and his good fishing daughter Kathryn. Last year, Kathryn not only picked up her limit with me but also boated a trophy trout to complete her personal limit. It’s young anglers like Kathryn that give me the urge to return next year for my 13th charter season. It is so important for young anglers to get a good start at becoming fisher persons by catching fish. I always use my motto: “Get hooked on fishing, not drugs or gangs.” I subscribed to that theory. Young fisher persons turn into good older fisher persons. So, when you get a chance, take that child or grandchild of yours to a body of water and let them experience fishing.

Update on fishing at Shaver on this date, Aug. 1, is the kokanee bite is very good in the a.m., then you have to find them. Today, the trout were spread around the lake. Two limits is possible. We fished at 33 to 50 feet deep with champagne pink Mountain Hoochies, white Mountain Hoochies and pink or orange Koke Busters – all tipped with scented corn behind a Mountain Flasher. The trout are hitting Trout Busters in green and orange and orange and chartreuse, tipped with crawler and corn at 20 feet down behind Mountain Flashers.

The forecast for fishing at Shaver continued good bite of kokanee in the early morning hours and a fair bite on trout at various locations in the lake. Black Rock is probably a good starting spot.

Until next time, stay cool and get the kids up here.