Secondary Students Return for In-Class Learning

Clovis Unified is implementing COVID-19 safety protocols to ensure the safety of students returning to school for in-class learning. (Ron Webb/CUSD)

It has been a full week since the Clovis Unified School District’s secondary students have returned to in-person learning. 

On Feb. 12, Fresno County gave the green light for CUSD to resume phasing secondary students for in-person learning.

Many teachers were ecstatic to get back into the classroom instead of relying solely on Zoom.

“What I didn’t like about it, it took away what I loved most about teaching, which was the interaction with the kids,” said Corrina Torres, Clovis West Teacher.

Torres’s last time teaching in a classroom was a Friday, Mar. 13, 2020, almost an entire year.

On Tuesday, Feb. 23, teachers along with 1,900 students, who opted for in-person learning, had their first day back in the classroom.

“It was fabulous, I was hesitant and nervous at first. Not about them [students] coming back, but the virus and its spread,” said Torres.

CUSD had to develop safety protocols that were approved by the county and the state in order to bring back students and staff safely.

A contact tracing team is in place for all schools. There are temperature checks for students and staff. In the case of elevated temperatures, there will be a process in how to manage each case. Data reports will also be sent back to the Fresno County Department of Public Health.

“The protocols and screening they do ahead of time before the kids come onto campus is amazing, but I love having them back,” said Torres.

Torres was nervous about coming back to campus but has felt more comfortable with the student and staff complying with the health restrictions.

She has opted for the no-cost vaccination. All CUSD staff have the opportunity to receive the vaccine through the provider groups approved by the district. Torres is expected to receive her first dose any day now.

Darren Kubose, another Clovis West Teacher, said it was a little nerve-racking. It was like the first day of school again, and getting adjusted to the hybrid schedule was a challenge.

“It’s just another thing of the hundreds of things we’ve had to adapt to since COVID-19. I’m glad for the kids that are back…that’s why we went into teaching to help kids, and I like that aspect of it,” said Kubose.

Kubose has already received his first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine and is waiting to get his second shot soon.

He has about seven to eight students who sit in his class. He takes all the necessary precautions by sanitizing the desk before a new group of students come into the classroom.

“You still have to be cautious for sure. It’s not 100 percent,” said Kubose.

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