Saturday Mornings at Old Town’s Farmers Market

The popular Saturday morning stroll has brought the Clovis community together through supporting local vendors. 

The Clovis Farmers market offers a wide variety of local produce, baked goods, and homemade gifts. The farmers market takes place in Old Town Clovis on Pollasky and Fifth street every Saturday from 9 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. 

Anita Solloemo started her succulent business during COVID-19 in order to help her family. 

“You don’t have faith in yourself until somebody believes in you too, that is what gave me the confidence to start this business,” said Sollemo. 

Sollemo’s succulent business is called ‘Sally’s Succulents’ as a random business name that her daughters came up with. Sollomeo is not the only vendor in Old Town with hopes to earn an income for her family. 

Roy Billington was up bright and early on Saturday morning selling his mom’s baked goods while she was across the street selling at the Flea Market at the Clovis Rodeo Grounds. Simple Ingredients was created in 2013 and originally sold tempe and bean crackers. 

The Billington’s quickly learned that those items were not selling so they tried out baked goods. Ever since then, Simple Ingredients has been booming with business. 

“I always want to help my mom,” said Billington, “This means everything to me, it is paying for our mortgage and supporting our family.” 

Early morning entertainment was a big hit on Saturday morning as customers strolled the streets of Old Town. Melvin Mason is in charge of the entertainment downtown and strives to bring an ambiance each week to the market. 

On Saturday morning, Peter Emerson had the crowd swoon over his guitar playing and singing. 

“I always try to keep a little more entertainment down here, to make it more festive,” said Mason. “If I don’t do it myself music wise, I get somebody else to play.”   

Cora Shipley is the President of the Business Organization of Old Town Clovis (B.O.O.T.). Which is a non-profit organization that offers members a unique and comprehensive package of business development and support services. 

Shipley has been on the B.O.O.T. board for 30 years and enjoys the traditional aspect of the Clovis Farmers Market.

“We concentrate on the locals, we are the 2nd and 3rd generation of farmers,” said Shipley, “We have a very loyal customer base at the farmers market.” Shipley explained that the farmers market will soon have many holiday items and crafts for some local Christmas shopping.  

With the holidays right around the corner, these vendors are hoping to bring in some extra cash this holiday season. The morning market takes place year round. 

To become a vendor, visit for more information. 

Brooke is a senior at Fresno State double majoring in Communication and Media, Communications and Journalism with an emphasis in broadcast journalism. Brooke is a senior at Fresno State double majoring in Communication and Media, Communications and Journalism with an emphasis in broadcast journalism. Brooke has a passion for storytelling and community. Brooke has experience in print news working for Oakdale Leader and The Collegian, as well as broadcast news by doing Fresno State Focus TV. She is also a student member of the Asian American Journalists Association (AAJA) and takes part in the Youth Advisory Council for ABC30. Brooke is currently focusing on multimedia journalism for the remainder of her time at Fresno State, before graduation in May 2022.