Saturday Farmer’s Market: Couple brings positive vibes to Old Town Clovis

Javen Dunn and Tatiana Mosley at Saturday Morning Farmers Market (Photo Nikki McCabe, Clovis Roundup)

July 27, 2023 – High heat kept the Friday Farmer’s Market from being held, but couldn’t stop vendors and shoppers from gathering the next morning.

The Old Town Saturday Morning Farmers Market took place near Pollasky and Fifth with familiar vendors set up from 9 to 11:30 a.m. But you might not recognize newcomers such as young couple Javen Dunn and Tatiana Mosley.

Dunn, 19 years old, set up his booth alongside Mosley to represent their small businesses.

‘Enlighten Fits’ is Dunn’s clothing brand. Ranging from hats, t-shirts, and leggings, every piece of clothing has a message of positivity and inspiration.

“I created this brand with the intention to enlighten others to their true potential,” said Dunn.

“I believe we can do anything we set our mind,body, and spirit to and my life’s purpose is to share that with others.”

The vendor donned a hat which read, “don’t trip u got this” and wore a tank top with an infinity symbol displayed across the front. Dunn said he sees a lot of negativity across different clothing brands and wants to offer something different.

“Our clothes represent ourselves without saying anything. They carry lots of power and intention with the energy and specifically the words that they say. When I wear these clothes, I feel the inspiration I had when I created them.”

 Mosley was not shy to educate customers of all the different types of rocks and crystals ‘Awakening Sunflower’ had available. An array of shining stones such as ocean jasper, selenite, rose quartz, black obsidian, tiger’s eye, citrine, and many more covered their table.

Mosley said she turns all of the precious stones into stylish accessories herself. Even meditation wands were available, which are meant to aid in the process of relaxing the mind

Mosley explained that each stone has different energies and can support whatever intention you want to improve in your life.

“Crystals come from the earth and are very healing,” said Mosley. “You can use them within your practices of yoga or reiki healing.”

Mosley said by educating the power of stones and crystals, she wants to help people heal on a spiritual level. She believes it is important for everyone to find balance of both feminine and masculine energies.

“That’s another reason why I love crystals! Because you can just hold them in your hand and feel their energy as you are saying positive affirmations and assuring yourself that everything is going to be okay.”

The vendors have only set up their booth a few times at small events. Not only are they new to the farmers’ market, but also fairly new to the area after moving here just two months ago.

“Everyone here is really nice and really genuine, I just enjoy connecting with people here,” said Dunn. “We’re excited to meet more people here. Great vibrations here, great energy, and great people.”

Both Dunn and Mosley represent their businesses at events, social media, and their own websites.

You can learn more about their businesses at or

You can also find them at future farmer’s market events. “We’re going to keep putting out inspirational messages on clothes and sharing our wisdom,” said Dunn.

Nikki is a Fresno resident and a graduate of Fresno State University, with a Bachelor's of Arts degree in Media Communications and Journalism. Nikki spent some time as a staff reporter at the Fresno State Collegian Newspaper, and now currently works part time at the KFSN-TV station in Fresno. She enjoys local community events, arts and entertainment, and crime news.