Raw Earth Juicery fueling local community with cold pressed juices, smoothies

Raw Earth Juicery’s organic cold pressed juices. (Photo by Bineet Kaur/Clovis Roundup)

Raw Earth Juicery is the only juicery in Fresno that offers 100 percent organic cold pressed juice.

“This place is a gem in our community and we are blessed to have them here,” said Angeleen Corona, who visits Raw Earth Juicery frequently.

Raw Earth Juicery, located on the northeast corner of Nees and Cedar avenues, is family owned with Rick Rosales as the primary owner. The juicery, which opened in December of 2016, offers juices as well as smoothies, smoothie bowls and drinking water. The smoothies include almond milk that is made from scratch daily with purified water.

Rosales opened Raw Earth Juicery because after 17 years of juicing, he felt that he had perfected his recipes. After one of his friends introduced him to juicing, he was impressed by the simplicity of juicing rather than eating produce.

“Knowing that I could get a large amount of fruits and vegetables just by drinking them made me feel good,” Rosales said.

Raw Earth Juicery’s logo. (Contributed)

Raw Earth Juicery’s juice is cold pressed, meaning that a state of the art hydraulic cold pressed juicer is used. This reduces friction and limits oxidation. As a result, the juice has a longer shelf life.

The friction that occurs as produce is being pushed through a juicer often causes some of the nutrients to be lost.

“You’re going to get the highest quality juice possible when you use a hydraulic cold press [juicer],” Rosales added. “You can taste the quality.”

Juice made using other juicers often spoils the same day. Raw Earth Juicery bottles its juice and places it in a refrigerator, giving in a three day shelf life.

Raw Earth Juicery uses local produce. Rosales said that as a result, the benefits stay local.

“It supports a lot of local families, which is good for the economy,” Rosales said.

Danielle Vaughn visits Raw Earth Juicery daily. She said the juicery has great customer service.

“The entire staff makes you feel welcomed,” Vaughn said.

Vaughn underwent gastric bypass surgery 19 years ago and said she felt chronic fatigue afterwards. After consuming products from Raw Earth Juicery, Vaughn said she noticed that she felt much better.

“I am addicted to the taste and my body’s feelings of these healthy items feeding my mind, body, and spirit,” Vaughn said.

Corona said the staff at Raw Earth Juicery is very knowledgeable on the benefits of their products and they are willing to help educate others.

“They are so patient and considerate of the fact that many people are not aware of the importance these foods play in our lives,” Corona said.

Corona said Raw Earth Juicery’s cold pressed juices are the best she has tasted.

“They also have the cleanest water in town,” Corona said.

Rosales feels that maintaining one’s health is crucial.

“Good health is the foundation to life,” Rosales said.