Police Activity on Saturday September 24th

At Herndon/Fowler Vons & Tractor Supply. Officers responded to report of a man with a gun. That man has been detained without incident & officers determined that the handgun was fake. No injuries.
UPDATE: The adult male with the fake handgun was arrested and booked into Fresno County Jail for felony criminal threats and for brandishing a replica (fake) firearm which is a misdemeanor.
In a separate incident, officers attempted to pull over a stolen car near Shaw/Willow. They pursued the stolen car to near Gettysburg/Chestnut where 2 suspects were taken into custody. A CPD K9 was used to take one of those suspects into custody.
On Shaw and Willow in the Wells Fargo parking lot 3 people were detained. Officers located possible stolen property during a traffic stop. At least one person was on probation and there was at least 1 arrested.