Pickers in the Pouring Rain at Old Town Vintage and Antiques Fair

Photo Samantha Golden, Clovis Roundup

March 24, 2024 – Sunday’s Vintage and Antiques Fair, advertised as a “rain or shine” event, got both rain and sunshine, all day long. Between bursts of downpours, the sun came out to warm things up and bring visitors out of shops to explore the many wares of the street vendors.

Old Town Clovis is home to several antique stores, so it’s no wonder that the first street fair of the year revolves around vintage items.

Owner of The Original 4th Street Antique Mall, Marty Watts says, “In fact, the rain brings out the pickers and they love that sort of atmosphere.”

Watts’ perspective comes from witnessing over 30 years of antiques fairs in Old Town Clovis.

“There’s something about it, since the old days of the Oakhurst Street Fair, it always rained,” Watts says, “and it didn’t matter, you took your umbrellas and your boots and you waded through the mud– because there were no paved streets, then– and it brings [buyers] out, they’ll eat the food, they’ll shop for the bargain.”

Some of the day’s street vendors disagree. Eric Rollins, who sells his collectibles in the Clovis Antique Mall, says that the rain made him completely change his selection for the day. “The toys I had packed to do the show couldn’t have taken the rain,” Rollins says, “So I went to a different portion of the garage, went mad for a little while, and changed it up.”

Rollins didn’t bring his usual expensive stock, but he always brings something for the kids. Up at the front of his booth are colorful plastic figurines of familiar characters.

 “My mom was taking me to antique stores as far back as I can remember… there was nothing I could touch, it wasn’t even fun most of the time, as a little kid,” Rollins says, “So, I found some fun things that are inexpensive that kids can go up and touch, and now they can go home with something.”

“There’s a buyer for everything,” Marty Watts says. ”Some people want estate jewelry, some people want a trinket, some people want an Easter item right now.”

Watts says the hottest items are good solid wood furniture, and the most likely buyers are in their 20s and 30s.

Despite the rainy moments, the fair was well-attended by buyers and sellers alike.