Old West and Rodeo Art Show Rounds Up Local Artists

The 52nd Annual Old West and Rodeo Art Show is being held at the Clovis Veterans Memorial District from April 18 to April 24. (Marc Anthony Lopez/ClovisRoundup)

The Clovis Art Guild rounded up local artists for the 52nd Annual Old West and Rodeo Art Show.

The open art show, located at the Clovis Veteran’s Memorial District, features local artists’  pieces with contests being held for Best of Show and the best in mediums. 

Winners are encouraged to visit the art show as the Art Guild will be hosting its reception on Thursday, April 21 from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Artists were recommended to bring art pieces surrounding the theme of the art show. This year’s art show had many pieces that were not surrounding the theme but were still welcomed and judged.

Those who attend the art show also have the chance to purchase certain art pieces that are available. Art pieces have name tags next to them and list whether or not they are available for purchase.

Each year, the Old West and Rodeo art show awards one student from each Clovis High School with a scholarship award as well as gift certificates from the

This year’s winner is Fresno Christian High Schooler Megan Shaeffer for her acrylic piece titled “Slender Man In A Maze.”

The Clovis Art Guild is a group of local artists that meet every second Wednesday of the month from February to October. Meetings are located at the Clovis Veterans Memorial District at 7 p.m.

Each meeting features either live demonstrations, paint-alongs, drawings with a live model, workshops and more. Visitors pay a $5 fee to attend meetings while membership for the guild is $30.

Down below are the full winners of the 52nd Old West and Rodeo Art Show:


Debora Pipin, “Breaking Storm” Pastel 


Deborah Pipin,  “The Long Shadows” Pastel 


1st:  Becky Matli, “Yosemite: The 3 Brothers” 

2nd: Linda Oberquell, “Serenity”  

3rd: Diane Breuer, “The Kid” 

Honorable Mention: Linda Oberquell, “Eucalyptus”


1st: Mary Fotheringham, “Remi” 

2nd: A.j. Sutton, “Twilight” 

3rd: A.j. Sutton, “Rain Clouds Parting” 

Honorable mention: Ellen Nelson, “Splash of Colors” 

Honorable mention: Christan Roy, ”Mt. Whitney From The Alabama Hills”

Honorable mention: A.j. Sutton, “On The Way To Idaho” 


1st: Deanna Bristow, “Blossom Fantasy”

2nd: Elizabeth Olive, “Spring”

3rd: Elizabeth Olive, “Feathers”

Honorable mention: Marilyn Torchin, “Back Road”

Honorable mention: Deanna Bristow,  “Heading To Black”

Honorable mention: Jeanne Naito, “Enamelware Monochrome”



1st: Deborah Pepin, “The Long Shadows” pastels

2nd: A.J. Sutton, “Sassy” Drawing/Graphics

3rd: Diane Breuer, “Patience” Pastels

Honorable mention: Marilyn Torchin, “Celebration” Mixed media

Honorable mention: S. V. Lindgren, “Dane’s Iris” Mixed media 


1st: David Dalgety, “Let’s Ride” Oil

2nd: Deanna Bristow, “Heading In” Watercolor

3rd: Roberta Davis, “Bull Pen” Watercolor  

Honorable mention: Lola Nelson, “Fall Hunt” Oil