Old Town Clovis Celebrates Small Business Saturday

Customers shop Old Town Clovis on Nov. 27 to celebrate Small Business Saturday. (Clovis Roundup file photo)

Small Business Saturday (SBS) takes place after Thanksgiving and Black Friday. This year marks the 11th year the annual event has been recognized.

SBS was created by American Express in 2010. This was meant to encourage people to shop locally for the holidays during what was known as “The Great Recession.” 

By 2011, all 50 states supported this push for small business recognition. This motivated the Senate to create a resolution for the day to be called SBS.

When comparing Black Friday to SBS, consumers can see significant differences between the two days.  

Black Friday conjures up images of large groups of people rushing into stores before daybreak, competing with others in order to get their hands on a bargain. 

However, Small Business Saturday provides a time for residents to leisurely shop while helping small, locally owned businesses. These retailers and restaurants may not be as big as some national competitors, but the connection between business owner and consumer is closer than experienced in big retailers.

Black Friday may see buyers rush to find something that they believe to be a good bargain. But, SBS provides discounts to shoppers while keeping the holiday spirit with a neighborly greeting from your fellow Clovis resident.

Shoppers who visited Old Town Clovis on SBS were treated to discounts as well as no sales tax on all of their purchases. 

Small businesses are a big part of our local community. Rustic Lace Boutique owner Rachelle Estrada enjoys the small town vibe of Old Town Clovis. She has been in Old Town for over a year and enjoys seeing all of the support from the community.

“I heard a lot of positive comments about people wanting to support small [businesses], and especially Old Town Clovis,” Estrada said. “It’s just a different feel that everybody loves.”

Estrada also explained how it feels working with her Old Town customers.

“It feels amazing to have that. It makes coming to work not feel like work.”

Clovis was founded upon small businesses, such as Sassano’s Menswear.  Since 1907, Sassano’s has been a part of Old Town Clovis thanks to the continuous support of the community. 

Owner Greg Sassano explains the impact of people realizing the importance of supporting local businesses for their holiday shopping and the impact this has on our local community.

“I think people are realizing it’s more important than ever now,” Sassano said. “Just to be supportive of the people that started out here and they’re still pushing along.” 

When shoppers support local, small, family owned businesses, more of the revenues stay within the community. Sassano also explained how this day does more than show the importance of businesses like his. 

 “You don’t have to go into the big box stores and the [revenue] that goes back directly doesn’t go to another state or country. It stays right here.”

Local businesses provide jobs for their community and allow for a more neighborly interaction than you would see with a big name brand store. 

Fifth Street Antiques owner Wanda Leon explains how businesses like hers make an impact on both the city and community. 

“I actually think we’re really important,” Leon said. “We’re not the big guys. Old Town Clovis is a showcase for Clovis. People like to come here and enjoy the beautiful atmosphere we have and anybody who’s traveling and coming in to visit, they like to come to places like this.” 

Small businesses provide a different atmosphere that isn’t experienced in big brand outlets. 

SBS highlights the differences in atmosphere. While Black Friday entices unsettling emotions, SBS encourages neighborly, welcoming and festive emotions. This, by definition, is what Old Town Clovis is about.

Resident Sylvia Maydon explained why she thinks shopping in Old Town Clovis is more personable than shopping at a mall of big name stores.

“I think it’s so cute,” Maydon said. “I love the music, I love the ambiance, there’s a lot of cute little shops that I visit quite often.”

Local business owners Ken and Liberty Blair visited Old Town Clovis to do some shopping of their own and were glad to see so many people in the community showing their support.

“I think it’s great,” Ken said. “That’s why we’re down here. To promote this kind of stuff I mean you see a lot of people down here. It’s hard to park, but it’s great for the business.” 

Liberty Blair also expressed her love for local businesses. As she stated, “That’s why we love Old Town Clovis so much.” 

Even as Small Business Saturday comes to a close, local family owned businesses in Old Town Clovis and throughout the City will continue to show that they are what makes Clovis “A way of life.”

If you would like to know about more events held in Old Town Clovis and how you can support local businesses, visit their social media platforms for updates. 

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