Old School Role Playing Game Con

Photo Destiny De La Cruz, Clovis Roundup

October 23, 2023 – The fourth annual Pig Faced Ork Old School Role Playing Game Convention was held at the Clovis Veterans Memorial District on Saturday the 21st.

A tabletop role playing game is played by participants describing their characters’ actions verbally. There are a set of structured rules, and players can improvise within those rules. The character’s choices influence how the game unfolds. 

The first event was in 2019, interrupted by COVID before continuing to be held annually on each 3rd Saturday.

The event coordinator, Tom Wendt, started the event after being unable to attend a similar event on the east coast. He decided that since he couldn’t go to that event, he would create his own. 

There was a total of 11 games throughout the convention: Horde of the Things, Bushido, Dragon Rampant, Old School Essentials, RuneQuest, Elric Board Game, Talisman Board Game, Holmes Dungeons & Dragons Hack, Dungeon Crawl Classics, DragonQuest, and Arduin Grimoire.

There was a raffle and other special prizes, as well as two special games: The Wizard’s Hat Game and The Thieves Key Game.

This fourth convention was dedicated to a dear friend and supporter, Jeffery Frank Krause 1961 – 2023. Krause started introducing others to this world of tabletop role playing games back in 1980. It was said that he was kind, talented, and passionate. 

A note from the staff of the Pig Faced Ork Old School Role Playing Game Convention: “We want to say how proud we are of what he has accomplished. We are happy we shared great memories together, from our dungeon crawls where we proudly died many times. We never realized those were the good old days.”

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