Noble Credit Union continues to find unique opportunities for first-time homebuyers

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June 15, 2023 – Noble Credit Union’s homeownership assistance program, in partnership with the Federal Home Loan Bank (FHLB), marks a significant step in reinforcing their commitment to members and surrounding communities.

The program directly addresses the most significant barriers to homeownership – the down payment and closing costs.

FHLB’s backing of $10 million is an evident display of their dedication to assisting individuals to become homeowners, aligning with Noble Credit Union’s goals of making the dream of owning a home, a reality.

This exclusive homeownership assistance program is for first-time home buyers to help get them started.

To qualify, individuals must make between $66K and $112K, depending on the size of the household.

Eligible participants who contribute a minimum of $10,000 towards their downpayment can receive up to $50,000 in down payment assistance that does not need to be paid back.

“We are thrilled to have been chosen by the FHLB as a partner for this program, furthering our mission to enhance the financial strength of every member” expressed Gino Cayanan, President/CEO of Noble Credit Union.

By offering this program, we are not only helping our members achieve their homeownership goals but also creating a positive impact on the communities we serve.

Owning a home not only provides a sense of stability and security but also serves as an important investment in our members’ future.

Through concrete actions and strategic partnerships like the one with the FHLB, Noble Credit Union continues to demonstrate its dedication to making a positive difference in the lives of its members and the broader community.

By aligning their core values with tangible initiatives, the credit union empowers individuals to pursue their financial goals while contributing to the overall prosperity of the community.

“We all contribute to being part of something special,” added Cayanan, emphasizing the collective effort to create a positive impact on the credit union’s members and community.

For more information about Noble Credit Union’s homeownership assistance program, please visit FHLBank San Francisco member financial institutions.