New Senior Living Facilities Approved in Northeast Clovis

Two conditional use permits for new senior living facilities were recently approved at the Dec. 17 Clovis Planning Commission. (Courtesy of Clovis Planning Commission)

Two conditional use permits (CUPs) were approved by the Clovis Planning Commission in their final meeting of 2021 on Thursday, Dec. 16.

The CUPs were for two senior assisted living facilities to be located on the east side of Locan Avenue between Powers Avenue and Shepherd Avenue. Both projects are located on approximately 0.85 acres.

The official addresses of these projects are 1817 N. Locan Ave and 3019 Powers Ave. Each development will be a 10-bed, 4,603 square foot facility.

The nature of proposed operations for both locations will be similar, but they will not need to rely on each other.

The Planning Commission will act on each site individually. This means an action on one facility does not affect the other.

These assisted living facilities will be residential housing style environments. They will operate as non-medical facilities. Each resident in the facility will be provided personalized care and assistance by professional staff.

The locations will operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Visitation hours would be between 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily. Only family members and friends would be allowed into the facilities.

Staff on-site have two different shifts. There would be two employees on-site between 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily. During the evening/night shift, one employee will be on-site.

The designs of the two facilities will resemble custom built homes with enhanced architectural treatments. This would provide attractive, complimentary elevations. These designs would also be compatible with the surrounding single-family residential houses.

As far as the parking concerns, the proposals expressed two different points for both locations.

At 1817 N. Locan, there would be a driveway to a three car garage. For additional parking, access would be on the north side of the project where they can access four stalls.

For the 3019 Powers Ave location, there will also be a driveway to a three car garage. The additional four parking stalls will be accessible through Powers Ave.

Both proposed parking locations are in compliance with the development codes.

One clarification Planning Commissioner Mike Cunningham requested was about state licensing from the applicant. Co-owner of A Place Called Home, Colin Murchison, gave more details on this question.

“We’re licensed as residential care facilities for the elderly and that license is non-medical,” Murchison said. “We provide support for the elderly over the age of 65 who need assistance with activities of daily living. Our residents can range from the mobile who maybe need just a little bit of physical assistance, maybe some medication management. We can also care for individuals all the way through to end of life on hospice and hospice agencies will come in and provide services in our homes.”

Murchison also added that his brother, David, is a nurse. This provides extra safety and supervision to help families feel more comfortable joining their facilities.

Both CUPs were approved unanimously by the Planning Commission with a vote of 5-0.

For more information on the new senior assisted living facilities, you can visit the City of Clovis YouTube page. You can also visit the City of Clovis website, here.

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