Monkey Dog Coffee to contend with proposed new Starbucks coming to Clovis

The proposed site for construction of a new Starbucks will be located here at 250 W. Ashlan. (Photo J.T. Gomez, Clovis Roundup)

July 28, 2023 – Another Starbucks will most likely be coming to Clovis in the near future, as approval for a drive-thru at the building was sought by Clovis’ Planning Commission.

At the latest Planning Commission Meeting, board members approved the construction of a drive-thru at 250 W. Ashlan in Clovis.

This location is in the same parking lot as the previously owned Pelco buildings, property currently owned by Cook Land Company and used mostly for Fresno County buildings such as the Child Welfare Services Building which was placed there last year.

Cook Land expressed their support for the construction of a drive-thru, that will most likely lead to the placement of a Starbucks at the location, in a letter sent to the Planning Commission.

Including a 780 square-foot outdoor patio area, the building, presumably to be used for Starbucks, will have double lanes used for its drive-thru with a drive-thru window located on the west side of the building.

The drive-thru designs are set to accommodate a sixteen-foot lane with the industry standard being thirteen feet.

The designs themselves were something that the Planning Commission marveled over.

“This is one of the better designs that has come before us. I think you guys have done a great job planning ahead of this stuff. I can see where the traffic for the drive-thru is not going to affect the other businesses,” said Paul Hinkle, Planning Commissioner.

One establishment that will be affected by the proposed business of a possible Starbucks is Monkey Dog Coffee, a small town coffee shop located in the same parking lot of the proposed site.

Monkey Dog’s owner, Alexander Osuna was present at the Planning Commission meeting to speak on his opposition to the construction that will become a Starbucks.

“It’s hard to gauge human error, but we’ve seen multiple near misses,” said Osuna, talking about drivers almost hitting pedestrians in the parking lot. “This drive-thru is close to where the County employees park and walk to on their break, their lunches. I think it’s gonna cause more of a hazardous issue with them.”

Despite the coffee shop owner’s warnings on traffic in the parking lot, the Planning Commission approved the construction of the drive-thru.

When asked how the probable Starbucks would affect his business, Osuna added, “I think they play a volume game. I’m sure we’ll see an initial hit from it. But I think they serve the same thing that every Starbucks serves on every corner. So, we’ll be able to capture some of that run-off from them.”

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