Meet Clovis City Council Candidate Guy Redner

Clovis City Council candidate Guy Redner.

Guy Redner has lived in Clovis in the southwest region, since 1998. He said people in that area of Clovis are often forgotten about. His catalyst for running for City Council came from being “tired of sitting back and watching it all happen”.

“With the pandemic and inflation and everything that has been going on.. I wanted to actually make a difference and try to make things better and I think by running for City Council…it allows me the opportunity to make some change,” Redner said.

Redner does not have a campaign website nor endorsements from anyone and is personally financing his campaign completely out of pocket.

“I haven’t reached out to anyone, and no one has reached out to me. And I think that’s the way it should be right? It should be members of the community voting for members of the community, not businesses or influential people. Kind of building things the way that they want. I know that’s the way it is but I don’t think that’s the way it should be,” Redner said.

For Redner, the issue of equity among all parts of Clovis and a re-phasing of the public transit system are at the top of his list for issues affecting the community. 

Redner said issues concerning the public transit system’s scheduling and the obvious bus stop markings is a cause for confusion among users

Redner called the current state of the public transit system “abysmal” for the lack of obvious bus stop markings and benches for users of the system to utilize. 

“The system is just completely unintuitive. If you look at a map and try to figure out what the schedule is supposed to be…I think it needs a rework from the ground up,” Redner said.

Another issue Redner is passionate about tackling, is the issue of making Clovis more affordable to move into.

Redner said with a large student and senior population in the community he thinks that affordable housing is a good first step toward making Clovis a more “livable” city.

Coupled with transit issues Redner said he understands the issues facing Clovis.

“They made the change so that there’s no longer a bus fare but if you can’t catch the bus in the first place, it doesn’t matter if you would or wouldn’t have to pay for it. I had to take it when I was going to college so I know firsthand that it can be really unreliable,” Redner said.

Redner admits that his experience in this field isn’t the same as a career politician or similar to other business owners but Render said that is what separates him from the crowd of candidates running and what qualifies him for this position.

“I’m definitely stepping out of my comfort zone and I’m just a guy who wants to make a difference and I know I’m not a career politician, I’m not a business owner and I know that separates me from the rest of the candidates because I know a lot of them have their own business or they’ve worked in City government before…I guess I’m just a concerned citizen that wants to make Clovis a more livable city,” Redner said.

Adam Ricardo Solis has written for The Collegian as a staff reporter covering a variety of topics and transferred from Fresno City College to Fresno State where he majored in agriculture business. He is excited to incorporate what he has learned about the agriculture industry in the Central Valley into future articles while also covering a variety of other community matters.