Make the Resolution to Shop Clovis in 2020

A photo of Old Town Clovis looking north on Pollasky and Fifth Street. (Clovis Roundup Photo)

A new year’s resolution that Clovis residents may want to consider is making an effort to shop local in 2020.

When you shop in Clovis, sales tax revenue goes towards funding things like the police, fire and parks departments.

“Since the passage of Proposition 13 back in 1978, which regulated the annual increase of property taxes, California cities have depended on sales tax to fund the services that citizens need and desire,” said Shawn Miller, Business Development Manager for the City of Clovis. “The City of Clovis, as well as every other city in the State of California would not be able to survive without sales tax.”  

When someone buys something in Clovis, the tax they pay is 7.975 cents on every dollar. Roughly six cents goes directly to the State for public safety, health, social services and the general fund. A little more than one cent goes to Fresno County and helps fund things like freeway and library projects. About one penny for every dollar spent goes to the City of Clovis.

“These pennies fund our police and fire departments, part of our parks and landscape maintenance, roads, sidewalks, and general fund,” Miller said. “It doesn’t sound like very much, but the more we try to keep our shopping within the City of Clovis, the more pennies we will collect. They will add up and pay for all of those things that citizens love about the “Clovis Way of Life.”

Christine Lee of Clovis says she and her husband make an effort to spend their dollars here at home.  

“We love eating and shopping in Old Town Clovis,” Lee said. “I think more residents should head to Old Town. It’s so clean and we feel so safe down there.”

When visitors come to town, Lee says she loves showing off her city. “I’ve had many friends visit from out of town and we like to take them to Old Town,” she said. “They always comment how adorable and clean it is. It’s a gem and we’re lucky to have it.”

The safe, clean streets Lee is talking about doesn’t come cheap. The 2019-2020 budget has $40 million going to the police department and $16.7 million to the fire department. That’s why revenue from sales tax is so important.

“That is their main source of funding for all services,” Miller said. “One of the top reasons that people choose Clovis as a place to live work and play is that we are one of the safest cities in the region. Our police and fire departments would not be here if it weren’t for sales tax revenue.”

Nikki Andres of Clovis says she loves the idea of residents making the resolution to “Shop Clovis” in 2020. 

“As a Clovis resident, I love seeing unique finds that cannot be found anywhere else,” Andres said. “Old Town Clovis is a great place to shop in stores like The Foundry with unique gifts and fun decor. I also love seeing local vendors at events like the Farmer’s Market and Big Hat Days for great gift and food finds.” 

Shopping in Clovis is a unique experience because there is a healthy mix of “mom and pop” and chain store retailers. 

It’s the same for restaurants. There are plenty of family-owned spots, but regional and national chains too.

“We have something to satisfy the wants, needs, and tastes of everyone in the area,” Miller said. “We’re pretty happy about the culture of Clovis. The folks here go out of their way to spend their money in Clovis. We’d like to see that continue.”

Sarah Soghomonian is an Emmy Award winning journalist who has been telling the stories of the unique people and places of the Central Valley for nearly 15 years. She's a graduate of Fresno State's Mass Communications and Journalism Department and has worked at CBS47 and ValleyPBS. In addition to her work as a television producer, Sarah is a freelance journalist who's articles have appeared in many local newspapers and publications. A lifelong Valley resident, Sarah loves her community and wants to do her part to make it a better place. Facebook link: