Luna’s Pizzeria Under New Ownership

March 29, 2023 – After over 50 years of ownership by the Liberta family, Luna’s Pizzeria and Italian Restaurant has been sold to new owners.

“I’m not going anywhere, it’s just that I lost my partner and I need help,” says Bert Liberta.

The restaurant has been operating in Old town Clovis since 1969, when Bert’s parents, Italian immigrants Carmela and Franco Liberta, opened the restaurant after moving from New York with their young children.

Luna’s is an Old Town Clovis staple with over 50 years of serving Italian food to the community, and for some local families this means four generations have dined at the restaurant.

Their banquet room has hosted hundreds of celebrations, and a stop by Luna’s for a pre-football game meal has been a decades-long tradition for many families. Additionally, many Clovis locals worked their first job under Carmela Liberta’s watchful eyes.

Bert Liberta, who continued his parents’ work, has been running the business alone since his brother David passed away late last year. He says that he’s been working 14 to 15 hours a day at the restaurant, beginning at 4:30 in the morning.

 “Tuesdays and Wednesdays are my easy days,” Liberta says, “I get to put in 10 or 11 hours.”

Liberta’s work at Luna’s began at 6 years old. “I went to work, walked to school at Weldon, then Clark, then Clovis high. When I got my license I drove,” Liberta says, “We make so much of our stuff from scratch, so work starts early and goes late.”

He says that his work ethic comes from being a first generation child. “They taught me the value of freedom, patriotism, God, everything,” Liberta says, “My mom was a strong, godly woman. She always said the definition of freedom is hardship and sacrifice. She always said ‘Don’t tell me, show me.’”

Having grown up in Old Town Clovis, Liberta knows how important a love for the area is to the people who shop and dine locally.

Liberta recalled being known by all the business owners growing up, and watching the area evolve and change over the years.

“I just spoke at the museum about growing up here, a couple weeks ago, ‘cause I’ve been around a long time, in this same area,” Liberta said, “I told them, I must be getting old if you want me to talk about the history of Old Town!”

“God’s blessed us, my business, my family, but I don’t take it for granted. I couldn’t do it without Him, or my wife. She’s been a big supporter, and very positive influence in my life.”

Liberta stated that the new owners already own several other buildings in Old Town Clovis. “These are Clovis people, they know the heritage of Clovis, and the business,” Liberta said.

The sale was finalized this month, shifting Liberta’s responsibilities from those of an owner to manager and operator.

“The main reason [for the sale] is that I couldn’t keep doing this all by myself,” Liberta said,“I’m still there every day running the restaurant. Nothing will change, or if anything, things will get better.”