Letter to the Editor: Home options needed for seniors looking to downsize

I am a “young” senior citizen living in Clovis that has a question or perhaps a suggestion. I have noticed the increase of senior facilities being built in Clovis. I think this is wonderful as we need to provide our seniors with quality care.

However, what about the seniors who would like to downsize but are not ready for a care facility? I am referring to the empty nesters that need to downsize but still want a home in a community that is easily maintained and affordable. Many of these seniors have adult children and grandchildren that visit so they may need an extra bedroom and bath. Also, they often have pets and would like a yard. They do not need a large yard, just something small that’s easily maintained with enough room for gardening.

I am aware of the tiny homes being built in the Old Town area. While this is a good option for some individuals, it doesn’t quite offer that neighborhood environment. Senior citizen apartments do not provide for ownership of a “home” of their own and often comes with restrictions on the senior’s lifestyle. A mobile home park is available. However, I feel there are still those who desire a more traditional home.

A true “neighborhood” for citizens over a certain age that allows for home ownership with all the freedoms and amenities would be a great addition to our city. It would fulfill a need in our community. At least one of our homebuilders should be willing to explore this market of affordably priced 1-2 bedroom homes between 1,000 and 1,500 square feet with a small yard in a quiet gated neighborhood.

Thank you,

A senior in Clovis