Letter to the Editor: Clovis, an ‘off-leash’ city?

I would like to know who is in charge of enforcing city ordinances? I have been walking my dog each morning on Clovis trails and walkways for the past 10 years. During the last year, I have noticed a significant increase in the number of people walking their dogs off leash.

I have continuously changed my route in order to try to avoid areas where I encounter repeat offenders. However, it is now a daily occurrence to encounter someone with their dog off leash. Even in my own neighborhood I now run into people with their dogs off leash.

This morning, I had to take my dog off the walkway and into the bike lane of Armstrong [Avenue] in order to try to avoid a dog that was approaching us. When people disregarding rules/ordinances cause others to be fearful, it’s time to have the city step up and start enforcing the laws. I know that our police department may not have the manpower to deal with this issue, but what about our community service officers and volunteers?

In the meantime, I do intend to start carrying mace. Expect me to use it if your dog threatens me or my dog. Everyone’s dog is “friendly,” “just curious” and “saying hello” until something serious happens. These are animals and unpredictable. My dog is friendly and very social until she feels that someone is threatening to me.

Please keep your dog under control not just for others’ safety and peace of mind, but for you and your dog’s safety as well.

-Clovis Roundup reader