Isaiah Green hosts basketball game in Clovis for charity

Isaiah Green attempts a shot during the the inaugural Fresno Charity Basketball Game at Clark Intermediate School, June 30, 2018. (Tomas Kassahun/Clovis Roundup)

Former NFL player and Fresno State Bulldog Isaiah Green hosted the inaugural Fresno Charity Basketball Game at Clark Intermediate School in Clovis on Saturday, June 30.

Green, along with several current and former professional athletes, former Fresno State athletes, professional dunkers and community leaders participated in a friendly basketball game, all in the name of charity.

“It’s big to see how many people came out and supported it. I have heard nothing but good things, people coming out and having a good time,” Green said. “It meant a lot to me to see the faces and the people, the community coming out. They didn’t show up for me. The community showed up for the community.”

Green partnered with San Diego sports entrepreneur Jerica Williams and Alumni United to inspire the community through athletes and charitable contributions.

“I want this to grow,” Green said. “I want to keep getting better with the execution of the event. The goal is to give something for Fresno to look forward to every year.”

One Fresno high school student received a $500 scholarship at the event.

“That $500 scholarship, one day I hope is $50,000,” Green said. “The goal is not only to provide an exciting event, but also invest in the community that invested into me.”

The scholarship was made possible through a partnership with Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

“We partnered with Fellowship of Christian Athletes and they gave us five recipients who have been involved in their community, involved with leadership activities in their schools, just people of character,” Green said.

The five students wrote an essay on why they feel they are deserving of the scholarship, but one student stood out.

“It was hard to choose because all of them were deserving, but he stood out because of his character, because of his vision for the future,” Green said.

The special guests at the event included NBA Champion Metta World Peace, NFL players Isaiah Burse, Charles Washington and Phillip Thomas, as well as pro dunker Chris Staples and Carmen and CK of B95.

“It’s a great deal. We got NFL guys, Fresno PD, B95,” Green said. “We got people from all over the community. It’s a blessing that people want to invest in our community. Next year, I hope we can do it bigger and better.”

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