Illegal Skimming Device Located in ATM

January 27th, Friday morning an ATM technician located an illegal skimming device at an Bank of America ATM near Peach/Shaw in Clovis.
This skimming device was removed from the ATM and at this time it’s unknown how long it was there.
Detectives are working with the bank to try and determine when it was placed, and if any surveillance footage of the suspect(s) is available.
This is a good reminder that you should always check any machine before inserting your debit or credit card into it.
Gently pull and push near the card slot to make sure there isn’t a skimming cover on the outside, and also look at the card slot to make sure you do not see any plastic or skimming device inserted into it.
Clovis police suggest that you be aware of your surroundings. If you see someone loitering around the area, call law enforcement.
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