Historic Preservation Committee Members Selected

March 6, 2023 – The Clovis City Council officially appointed ten members of the public to the Historic Preservation Committee that will serve by assessing and acting on specific historic resources throughout the City of Clovis.  

The idea of the Historic Preservation Committee was brought to light when last year the Clovis Chamber of Commerce pondered the idea of demolishing the Carnegie Library.

A select group of members of the Clovis public attempting to save the library, which now sits on Clovis Chamber of Commerce property, came to council chambers and asked for support. 

In turn, the idea was floated that a Historic Preservation Committee be formed, and now in March of this year, it has been. 

The committee itself will start off as an “ad hoc” committee meaning that it will continue to meet until objectives are completed.

Those objectives will be identified by committee members and criteria will be used to assess certain historic resources throughout the city. 

The Historic Preservation Committee will also provide recommendations to City Council based on their findings of certain historic sites throughout the town, and for the time being the committee will remain solely as a group that will be used on need.

It was mentioned however, that at the end of specific findings, if the group and Council sees fit, they could continue to make recommendations and become more of a formal committee.  

For now the motion to enact the committee was approved by City Council 4-0 with one absence, with each council member selecting two members to the committee. Those members are:

Sayre Miller

Adam Holt

John Wright

Tom Wright

Desiree Haus

Rachael Orlando 

Ron Silva

Greg Newman

Cora Shipley

Mark Wall

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