Hedrick’s Chevrolet: Legacy of giving back

Brett Hedrick with sons Blake and Tanner and father Bill Hedrick. (Photo by Valerie Shelton)

When you hear the name Hedrick’s Chevrolet, three things come to mind.

Exceptional customer service, the highest-quality cars, but just as important, a commitment to bettering their community.

“If you’re going to do business in town, you need to be involved in it and the things that help the city grow and prosper,” Bill Hedrick said.

Hedrick, owner of Hedrick’s Chevrolet has been providing the citizens of Clovis with cars for decades, but he’s also filled the role of many positions within the community — his son Brett (general manager and owner) as well.

“What we’ve done with the community is that Brett and I have both been president of the Chamber of Commerce, we’ve been involved in the Rotary Club of Clovis and I was the president, while Brett was in Kiwanis. We’ve done a lot of things with the support groups in the city of Clovis,” Hedrick said. “We don’t give out big sums of money to one or two groups, we try to help out everybody we can. We want everyone in Clovis to know that we care about them just as we do our business.”

The senior Hedrick has always been involved in Clovis, since his early days as a Clovis Cougar. Hendrick pointed to his sophomore year where he really took an interest in giving back to his community and his alma mater.

Hedrick’s Chevrolet helps sponsor mechanic scholarships  at Clovis High School for the kids that want to work with cars in the future.

“I really got involved during my second year of high school,” Hedrick said. “I got to meet and learn from different merchants around the area and just build relationships with the people.”

He had a chance to leave the area he grew up in, but eventually stayed and has become a vital member of many different groups within the city of Clovis, including the Clovis Rodeo.

Hedrick went from washing dishes at local Clovis restaurants to pumping gas at the local  Chevron where he learned from the owner how important giving back to his community was and that commitment to his home drove Hedrick throughout his younger years.

“I’ve been a part of the Rodeo Association since the 1980s, so that makes it about 40 years I have been involved with the Clovis Rodeo and still a little bit involved with a committee,” Hedrick said. “I’m an outgoing guy and not much of a stay-at-home guy or at least I was at that time, but we really watched Clovis grow over the years.”

From Hallowell to Hedrick’s, the car dealership has treated their community members and employees with the utmost care. The Hedrick’s believe that every customer is a part of the Clovis family.

Hedrick wants to provide the best for his community.

“I tell the employees, I interview 99% of who we hire, or talk to them at least and the last thing I want to hear is an employee or customer go into a store and somebody ask them about their car or the job they have and they talk about a raw deal they got,” Hedrick said.

“You can’t please everybody, but my goal is to never have that happen. We care about each and every person that we sell cars to, we hire and just the members of our community. That’s something we take pride in here at Hedrick’s Chevrolet.”

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