Grill Master’s 3rd Annual Clovis Tailgate Barbecue Throwdown

Photo by Destiny De La Cruz, Clovis Roundup

Grill Master’s BBQ Clovis held their 3rd annual Tailgate Barbecue Throwdown on Veteran’s Day.

The event was upbeat and fun. Instead of being located directly in the heart of Old Town, like most Clovis events, it was in front of the Elks Lodge. The crowd was incredibly diverse, and the music was refreshingly different compared to what you usually hear in and around Old Town Clovis. 

There were many barbecue competitors from all over the area and beyond. The competition focus was on ribs, chicken thighs, and tri-tip.

Prizes were awarded from ribs & chicken thighs, and there was a people’s choice award for tri-tip.

Photo by Destiny De La Cruz, Clovis Roundup

There were vendors selling seasonings and rubs, as well as elote and Dippin Dots. The Elks Lodge opened their bar up to the public as well. 

Participating BBQ competitors included: Smoking Bandidos, Big Boys BBQ, Barefoot BBQ, AK47 BBQ, Spice ‘Em Up BBQ, B&E BBQ, Tailgaters, Central Cali Smokers, Poverty Flats Seasoning, Cuzzo’s, Solid Smoke Barbecue, Quarter Circle Johnson Ranch BBQ, Vato with the Meats, Me & Mom’s BBQ, Tate’s BBQ Smokeout, KO.BBQ, Beard’s BBQ, Phatzcutz BBQ, Sweet Heat BBQ, Big John’s BBQ, Anguiano Smokers, LFQ, Barrel Bros, Don’t Bite the Bone BBQ, Mexi Q BBQ, and more. 

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