Get Fit Clovis, Back With The Challenge

Get Fit Clovis is relaunching in 2020, promoting health and wellness.

As the founder of the Clovis Roundup’s Get Fit Clovis program, I am so excited to announce that we are back for 2020! 

In 2016, we set out on a mission to be Clovis’ starting point for finding local healthy lifestyle resources. Unfortunately, we went dark after a strong start, despite loads of support from you, our community. 

Well, Get Fit Clovis is relaunching this year with the same mission. We are fully committed to empower our community, using the right tools and information, to build a healthier future. 

You can get involved by joining in our monthly meet ups and challenges. Meet ups consist of a free group activity, such as a hike, walk or other workout. We’re back bringing you new challenges you can participate in as well.

Here’s a look into our challenge this month: keep a daily journal logging of what you eat and drink in one week’s time. You don’t have to change anything, just become aware of what you are consuming and how often you are consuming it. 

After a week of journaling and becoming aware of your habits, the challenge changes. Make sure you are following the Clovis Roundup Newspaper on Facebook and Instagram (@ClovisRoundup) to stay up to date on challenges and meet ups. Join us on the Get Fit Clovis Facebook page (@GetFitClovis) as well for banter and support. 

This month’s meet up will be at Pincushion Peak Trailhead in Friant on Saturday, January 11 at 11 am. Come and join us for an epic hike to kick off the new year with a new perspective. Just as before, all are welcome. Every age, every fitness level, everyone. Whether you’re from Clovis, or not (we won’t tell). 

We are currently looking for health and fitness professionals to get involved! If you are a professional in the field of nutrition, personal training, or mental health, contact us for networking opportunities! Email or call (559) 324-8757.