Future of Planning and Housing in Clovis Decided by City Council

The Clovis City Council is photographed.(left to right) Mayor Pro-Tem Vong Mouanoutoua, Councilman Matt Basgall, Mayor Lynne Ashbeck, Councilwoman Diane Pearce, Councilman Drew Bessinger

May 4, 2023 – An item was brought back to the Clovis City Council that would either allow or disallow a multi-family housing project to be built in town along Alluvial avenue.

This multi-family housing would allow twelve multi-family homes with ten, 2-bedroom units and two 3-bedroom units at the site. 

However, this multi-family unit was not supported by Clovis residents, and a few Clovis City Councilmen for a number of reasons.

One of the biggest reasons was the added frustration of Alluvial avenue and possible dangerous situations arising caused by future parking lots and added traffic. 

Another issue brought to the council by Clovis residents speaking during the public speaking portion of the item was the height of the complex and residents of the possible future complex being able to “look down” in backyards of surrounding neighbors. 

Staff wanted to respond to a few of the questions on SB-9 with owner occupancy of parking lots where the owner would be required to reside in one of the twelve residencies.

Another response came from the issue brought by uncertainty of “peak hour” numbers of traffic analyses’. 

City Council voted to vacate the denial of the March 6th meeting in which City Council previously decided to deny the rezoning of the area after ensuring that safety amongst the traffic concerns would be dealt with in the future.

The Council then rezoned the area from Low Density Residential to Medium High Classification with a further vote. 

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