Fresno man arrested for attempted kidnapping

Lammar Carey was arrested Tuesday for two counts of felony attempted kidnapping. CLOVIS POLICE DEPARTMENT

Clovis Police arrested 32 year-old Lammar Carey of Fresno last night for two counts of felony attempted kidnapping.

Police say Carey was trying to lure women into his vehicle earlier that day as he was driving up and down Willow Avenue between Ashlan and Gettysburg. After receiving several calls for service in the area, Clovis PD responded and located two victims who feared for their safety.

One witness took a photo of the suspect and the license plate on the truck he was driving. The information led detectives to a residence in Fresno where Carey was arrested without incident.

It is possible that Carey attempted to contact additional women during this time frame.

Those with information about additional victims are asked to contact the Clovis Police Department at (559) 324-2800.