Fresno County Declare Emergency for Heat-Related Livestock Deaths

Local disposal companies are overwhelmed as livestock fatalities due to long exposures to extreme heat are piling up. (Courtesy of Pressmaster/Envato Elements)

Fresno County has issued an emergency proclamation to address livestock deaths due to extreme heat. California is currently experiencing a heatwave with temperatures reaching up to 110 degrees.

The proclamation is to enable livestock owners to work with county health and agriculture officials in finding new measures to safely dispose the accumulated livestock carcasses and at the same time provide safety measures to protect public health and prevent potential hazards.

Baker Commodities, Inc., which processes livestock carcasses for most livestock owners in the valley, has been overwhelmed with the increasing numbers, exceeding their capacity to operate safely.

The Fresno County Department of Public Health along with the Fresno County Agricultural Commissioner’s Office are working closely with the California Department of Food and Agriculture to minimize any potential risk to the environment and to public safety.

All actions taken under the proclamation will comply with all applicable State statutes and regulations.