Freshman Clovis Brewery Takes Shaver Lake Lions Club BrewFest 2024 Best Of Show

(left to right) Ryan Parsley and Cody Sturgis, Brew Masters and co-owners of Reborne Brewing Company, show off their Best of Show win at the Shaver Lake Lions Club BrewFest

Reborne Brewing Company entered the Shaver Lake Lions Club BrewFest contest on June 29th, and took home “Best of Show” for its Dragon’s Blood Rye Double IPA, a 6-year “Reengineered” original recipe, and its #1 RBC Fan Favorite.

“We introduced it on our very first day,” says Cody Sturgis, COO, Co-Owner and Brew Master of Reborne, “Shaver BrewFest is only our third event that we have been able to visit, so it was very affirming to snag Best of Show.”

Ryan Parsley, CEO, Founder and Brew Master of Reborne, began brewing in a garage in Sanger under the name Phoenix Tears Brewery in mid-2018, where he built the beginnings of the original Dragon’s Blood Rye IPA. For the last 6 years, Sturgis and Parsley have been tweaking the original recipe for re-release.

“We tightened up some of the loose ends of the recipe,” Sturgis says, “It’s now an 8% double rye IPA, and the rye adds a little bit of a warming effect and a little bit of color. We wanted it to be bright and effervescent and have a little bit of an orange color, which is where we got the Dragon’s Blood name.”

While the Dragon’s Blood IPA is the brewery’s #1 RBC Fan Favorite and best-seller, it is closely followed by the New Rock Nation’s Fan Favorite, the Kolsch 104.1 beer made in collaboration with One Putt Broadcasting.

Ryan Parsley’s father, Russ Parsley says that John Ostlund overheard him talking about his son’s garage brewing project, and Ostlund asked Parsley to let him know when Ryan opened his own brewery.

“John Ostlund wanted to create a beer to represent the New Rock 104.1 brand label,” Sturgis said, “Ryan and I created a Kolsch recipe that is as close as we can get to a 100% German brew.”

After receiving Ostlund’s approval, Reborne Brewing Company became the official brewer of New Rock Kolsch 104.1, and cans can be found for sale all over the valley.

The BrewFest’s BJCP certified beer judges Tom Pope and Darin Cousineau said, “With the quality of beer Reborne is creating, they will not have an issue keeping their tap room full.” They called Reborne, “One of the best breweries to show at the Shaver Lake BrewFest”

With calls on the rise from local bars and restaurants asking for their beer on customer recommendation, Sturgis says “We are keeping our humility high,” and, “We’re thankful to be a part of the Clovis community and we are hoping to be here a long time.”

The Brewmasters at Reborne say that they are, “Veteran-owned and Bulldog proud.”

Ryan Parsley is a USAF Veteran, and since 2011 has been serving in the CA Air National Guard, as an Aircraft Avionics Back Shop Technician on the USAF F-15.

Cody Sturgis earned his Bachelor of Science degree at Fresno State in Cellular & Molecular Biology with a minor in Chemistry. Sturgis also has over 7 years of Hospitality experience as the former Operations Management for Kuppa Joy Coffee.

Reborne Brewing Company is in its 6th year of development and with a little over a year in operation in Clovis, they have over 30 taste tested recipes.

They are expecting to open their tap room to the public in late fall of this year, but cans can be picked up on Thursdays and Fridays from 5PM to 7PM at their tap room located at 1018 San Jose avenue in Clovis, CA.