Final Performance for the 110th Clovis Rodeo

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Clovis Rodeo Association

April 29, 2024 – The 110th Clovis Rodeo has come to an end with the PRCA final performance wrapping up the 5-day event on Sunday, April 28. With crowds at capacity each night, 8500 pounds of tri tip, and over 700 cowboys, this year’s rodeo was one for the books. Check out the final results below:

Bull rider Roscoe Jarboe (New Plymouth, ID) won the Clovis Xtreme Bulls on Wednesday night and a check for $12,500, winning the first place title out of 47 riders. During his final round, Jarboe scored 89.5 points on Corey & Lange Rodeo’s Pretty Boy.

The 2024 All-Around Cowboy title was presented to Clayton Hass from Weatherford, TX. Hass participated in steer wrestling and team roping and took home a total of $11,464.

Bareback riding final winning title went to Leighton Berry from Weatherford, TX. Berry finished with 88.5 points on C5 Rodeo’s Virgil taking home $10,913.

The top three averages for steer wrestling included 1. Clayton Hass, 23.1 seconds on four head, $4,962; 2. Dalton Massey, 30.9, $4,315; 3. Boyd Sawyer, 39.7, $3,668.

The top three averages for team roping included 1. Korbin Rice/Caleb Hendrix, 32.3 seconds on four head, $5,305 each; 2. Brenten Hall/Kaden Profili, 34.5, $4,613; 3. Doyle Hoskins/William Cowden, 35.7, $3,921.

The saddle bronc riding final winning titles included 1. (tie) Kade Bruno, on Corey & Lange Rodeo’s Monster, and Ryder Wright, on Burch Rodeo’s Lyin’ Lunatic, 88 points, $8,893 each; 3. (tie) Parker Fleet and Logan Hay, 87.5, $4,698 each.

The top three averages for tie-down roping included 1. Marty Yates, 42.4 seconds on four head, $5,492; 2. Hunter Herrin, 42.5, $4,776; 3. Bryce Derrer, 45.8, $4,060.

The top three averages for barrel racing included 1. Wenda Johnson, 50.83 seconds on three head, $4,148; 2. Sissy Winn, 51.00, $3,556; 3. Paige Jones, 51.09, $2,963.

The bull riding final winning titles included 1. (tie) Chase Dougherty, on Bridwell Pro Rodeos’ Big Salty, and Deklan Garland, on Corey & Lange Rodeo’s Stand By Me, 88.5 points, $8,893 each; 3. (tie) Wacey Schalla and Hayes Weight, 86.5, $4,698 each.

The top three averages for women’s breakaway included 1. Lari Dee Guy, 14.4/4, $3,279; 2. (tie) Quincy Sullivan and Danielle Lowman, 15.5/4, $2,638 each.

With a purse of $450,000, this year’s Clovis Rodeo has been an unforgettable experience for all attendees and athletes. Rodeo fans wanting to get their seats for the 111th Clovis Rodeo, taking place April 23-27, 2025, can catch the early bird ticket sales beginning on Monday, April 29, 2024. The ticket office will be open April 29-May 3, 2024 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Fans can also visit to purchase early bird tickets for 2025.

Thank you to the all-volunteer Clovis Rodeo Association members, vendors, sponsors, and fans for making the 110th Clovis Rodeo a success. We’ll see you next year!