Faces of Clovis: Ryan Reynolds – Director of Sport, Football, Clovis East


Full Name: Ryan James Reynolds

Place of Birth: Fresno, Ca.

Occupation: Teacher

Duties: Director of Sport, Football, Clovis East

What got you into this line of work? Justin Garza convinced myself and his brother Jacy (we both just finished playing football at Fresno City College) to come and coach the Freshman team at Reedley High School.  I fell in love with watching kids grow as football players and gaining confidence in themselves.  I had to figure out how to coach for a living and everyone said, “go get a teaching credential”        

Education: History Degree, Fresno State

First Coaching Job: Freshman Football, Reedley High School

What did you learn from it? I want to do this for the rest of my life.

Family/Children: Fiancé, 0 children (2 future stepchildren)

Road to Clovis: Born in Fresno, across the street from Hoover High School. I think my mom looked around and said, “we are going to Clovis West”

Favorite Food: Tie between, Chinese and Mexican.   

Favorite Movie: Karate Kid (the original) and Big Trouble in Little China

Favorite Artist or Band: Michael Jackson and Tupac

Favorite Book or Author: “Abundance:  The Future is Better than you Think”, Peter Diamandis

Favorite Sports Team(s): Fresno State / Notre Dame, Raiders, Oakland A’s, and whatever team Lebron James is on, Warriors are a close 2nd.      

Hobbies/Leisurely Pursuits: Not a lot of time for hobbies, but whenever I get an opportunity to play golf, I’m there.   

How Would You Describe Yourself?

A mama’s boy. Humble and Hungry, with a chip on my shoulder.

What is Something Most People Don’t Know About You?

I got my first pair of cowboy boots and went to my 1st rodeo this year.  I was a vegetarian for 7 years.  I’ve never been to a music concert.

What is Your Favorite Thing about coaching in Clovis?

Most of the community supports athletics and co-curriculars and are willing to sacrifice a lot to be successful.  They see and understand the value these provide for young people and in my case, specifically, young men.     

Define the “Clovis Way of Life” or what it means to you:

High Standards, rooted in a competitive sports, academics, and co-curriculars.