Faces of Clovis: Ron Dunbar, Director, Clovis Rodeo Association

BACKGROUND: Ron Dunbar is a Clovis High graduate and has resided in Clovis for 51 years.

FAMILY: “I’m married. I have two daughters, two grandsons and two granddaughters.”

PLACE OF BIRTH: Madera, California

FIRST JOB: “I grew up on a farm/ranch east of Clovis. I worked there, my dad was a superintendent for all the ranches [in the area].”

OCCUPATION: Like many members of the Clovis Rodeo Association, Dunbar has a day job and volunteers his time as a director of the association.

“I’m a project superintendent for a company called Target Constructors.”

CLOVIS RODEO INVOLVEMENT: “I’ve been involved [with the Clovis Rodeo Association] since I was a little kid, almost my whole life. I’ve been on the board for 18 years. My dad Corky Dunbar, who was Grand Marshal in 2012, got me involved.”

FAVORITE FOOD:  “Mexican food is my favorite food, that’s what the men at the ranch that I grew up on gave me. We had a lot of great farm workers.”


HOBBIES/LEISURELY PURSUITS: “I enjoy camping, fishing and the [Clovis] Rodeo.”

INTERESTING FACTS: “I attended my first [Clovis] Rodeo when I was four months old and I haven’t missed one since. I was born in December and the Rodeo was in April.”

FAVORITE THING ABOUT THE CLOVIS RODEO: “I think my favorite part is the tradition … we do the best we can to put on the greatest show. I think that has been the goal of the Clovis Rodeo for 104 years now.”

FAVORITE THING ABOUT CLOVIS: “My favorite thing about Clovis is that we try to keep the tradition of the Western way of life, especially in Downtown Clovis. Even though we’ve grown a lot, we still try to keep that small town feeling alive. [Also], we’re 30 minutes away from the lake, at the most, an hour or so to go skiing and two-and-a-half hours at the most from  the beach. It’s amazing to live here.”