Faces of Clovis: Peg Bos, President of Clovis Museum

Peg Bos, President of Clovis Museum

FAMILY: Peg Bos’ grandparents settled in Clovis in 1903. Bos, her mother and her son graduated from Clovis High. “We are pleased to live in Clovis. Good people have come here and good people have stayed.”

PLACE OF BIRTH: Santa Cruz, California

“When my mother was pregnant with me, her doctor send her away on vacation [to Santa Cruz] because it was so hot here during the summer. My brothers, who were both born in Clovis, never let me forget that I wasn’t an original Clovisite. [I’ve] been here all my life, though.”

FIRST JOB: “Working at my grandparents’ garage repair business on Pollasky [Avenue]. As soon as I could punch the cash register, I went down there and worked.”

OCCUPATION: Bos was a housewife until 1974, at which time she went back to school to obtain a degree in psychology. Soon after, she got hired as the first credit manager of Gun Fast Pumps and worked there for 20 years. In 1984, Bos was elected as the first female mayor of Clovis. She later spent seven years in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and has lived in Clovis since her return in 1997. Bos is currently retired and has served in a volunteer role as president and “janitor” of the Clovis Museum since 2001. She works to preserve the history of Clovis and is a contributing writer to the Roundup with ‘“Let’s Talk Clovis,” a series of historical articles.

FAVORITE FOOD: “Ice cream! My mother and dad had a confectionery on Clovis Avenue. If I didn’t feel good, they gave me ice cream…I still like ice cream.”

FAVORITE BOOK/AUTHOR: “I read the bible. I don’t always obey it, but I read it.”

HOBBIES/LEISURELY PURSUITS: “Gardening, walking my two dogs. Historically, I do a lot of reading at home, and I like to cook for my family.”

INTERESTING FACT: “I’ve always had high energy. I’m focused. If I want to do something, I may fail but I’ll try to do it. I love people, I think every person has an interesting, challenging story to talk about their lives. I like what I’m doing right now at the museum; I meet good people and I bring people together with “Let’s Talk Clovis.”

FAVORITE THING ABOUT 2017: “Being with people, like my family and friends.”

GOALS/RESOLUTIONS FOR 2018: “To take the museum in a new level, continue to inform people of our history through the stories that I write for the Roundup and enjoy the ranch with my husband.”

FAVORITE THING ABOUT CLOVIS: “[It’s] the people – I love the people of Clovis. If you look at our history on why we’re successful, you’ll find it’s because we have the work ethic from the early-day pioneers. We have excellent education and we have good churches. It’s safe and pretty.”