Faces of Clovis: Pearl Muller, Clovis Senior Center Participant

Pearl Muller, Clovis Senior Center Participant

JOURNEY TO CLOVIS: Pearl Muller settled in San Jose, California when she migrated from the Caribbean to the United States in 1968. Upon Muller’s retirement, she relocated to Clovis to be near her three daughters and grandchildren.

PLACE OF BIRTH: Trinidad and Tobago, Caribbean

FIRST JOB: “Back in the island, I used to work in news printery. In those days, before they got all of this modern technology, I used to do the collating for book binding.”

OCCUPATION: Muller is a retired KinderCare provider who frequently attends activities at the Clovis Senior Center.

FAVORITE FOOD: “Curry and pelau, which is a mixture of chicken, rice, caramelized sugar, pigeon peas, pumpkin and fresh herbs that grow in the island.”

FAVORITE MOVIE: “I don’t know if I have a favorite, I like all good movies.”

HOBBIES/LEISURELY PURSUITS: “I like dancing. I was named Queen of the Carnival once back in the island.”

INTERESTING FACT: “They all love me here [at the Clovis Senior Center] and my attitude. They call me the ‘Grandma of the Village.’”

FAVORITE THING ABOUT THE CLOVIS SENIOR CENTER: “It gives you something to do when you retire, instead of staying alone in the house. You come out to enjoy the activities, meet new people and make friends. It’s a family affair, that’s the way that I see it.”

FAVORITE THING ABOUT CLOVIS: “It reminds me of my country, the palm trees look like the coconut trees and the weather is similar. We never have snow over there, [we have] the rainy season or the dry season. In the Caribbean islands, the weather is hot. In the summer it is 80-90 degrees.”