Faces of Clovis: Moni Randolph – Administrative Assistant, City of Clovis

FULL NAME: Moniqua Randolph

PLACE OF BIRTH: “I was born in Santa Barbara, California at Cottage Hospital on March 18, 1981.”

OCCUPATION: “I oversee the day-to-day operations of the Clovis Senior Activity Center.”


There was an opportunity at the Clovis Senior Activity Center to better myself in my career, so I decided to challenge myself and take on a new position.”  

EDUCATION: “I graduated from Clovis High in 1999, and received my bachelor’s in criminology from Fresno State in 2004. I’m working on completing the master’s program at National University and will receive my master of science degree in organizational leadership after I complete my capstone project in January.”

FIRST JOB: “When I was 16 years old I wanted a job so bad because I wanted a phone line in my room, which was the best thing to do as a teenager back in my day. I applied to be a Recreation Aide for the Clovis Recreation Center in 1998.”

FAMILY/KIDS: “I have a small family. I’m married to my husband Anthony Randolph who has been my college sweetheart since 1999. We got married on Friday, March 13, 2015 and it’s been amazing. I also have two furry babies. Their names are Morpheus (2 years old) and Niko (1 year old), and they are both male German Shepherds. I can say that I married my best friend and I adore my boys.”

ROAD TO CLOVIS: “I have lived in Clovis for 27 years and plan on staying here to raise my family. My parents moved my two siblings and I from Santa Barbara to Clovis because the cost of living [on the coast] was too expensive.”

CLUBS/ORGANIZATIONS/MEMBERSHIPS: “I am a committee member with the Clovis Salvation Army as well as the Friends of the Clovis Senior Activity Center. I recently joined Toastmasters International with a few colleagues from the City of Clovis.”

FAVORITE FOOD: “My favorite food is Italian, especially Lasagna.”

FAVORITE MOVIE: “My favorite movie is ‘Grease.’ I’ve always wanted to be a Pink Lady, maybe one day for Halloween.”

FAVORITE ARTIST/BAND: “I do not have one favorite artist, but I do enjoy listening to different genres of music such as alternative, rock, jazz, house, hip-hop/rap, latin, and R&B/soul music.”

FAVORITE BOOK OR AUTHOR: “I know this may sound a little silly, but my favorite book of all time is a child’s book. The book is called ‘Love You Forever’ by Robert Munsch. Every time I read that book, I shed a tear. I recommend that parents read the book to their babies.”


“It is tough for me to see LeBron James a Laker, since I am not a fan of his, but hey if he can help switch up the way my team has been playing the last few years then I am all in. I cannot wait to see how far my Lakers will go.”

HOBBIES/LEISURELY PURSUITS: “I truly enjoy working out and lifting weights, running with my doggies, spending time with my family, enjoying cocktails with my lovely friends and most importantly spending time with my hubby.”


“I describe myself as being the life of the party. I am such a people person and I enjoy meeting people from all over. I am a loyal person with such a big heart and I find that loyalty can always show the true side of a person.”  


“I love dill pickles and drinking pickle juice. Also, I’m addicted to flossing my teeth. I floss at least four times a day, which is a reason why I do not eat popcorn.”


“Clovis is a great family-oriented city. I love the cleanliness of Clovis and how safe this city makes me feel, especially if I plan on raising my family in the future.”