Faces of Clovis: Mario Flores – Bus Driver for Clovis Transit

Mario Flores, Clovis Transit Bus Driver.

FULL NAME: Mario Flores

PLACE OF BIRTH: Jalisco, Mexico

OCCUPATION: Bus Driver for Clovis Transit

WHAT GOT YOU INTO THIS LINE OF WORK? “When I was little, I was always playing soccer and traveling in busses. I looked at the bus driver one day, and I thought, maybe I could be a bus driver one day.”

EDUCATION: “I went to Simi Valley auto school and I finished my education there. Then I got my Class A license.” 

FIRST JOB: “My first job was in a warehouse, shipping and receiving. I was there for 12 years”

WHAT DID YOU LEARN FROM IT? “I learned the most important thing is teamwork and communication. They make working easier with your coworkers and your bosses. It was a really good experience to learn there.”

FAMILY/KIDS: “I have two boys. One is 21 and the other is 14. My oldest one made me a grandpa already, so I’m happy.”

ROAD TO CLOVIS: “My wife has family here and we just came here for a week on a vacation. We saw that it was a really good place to live, so we decided to make our home here. We applied for jobs here and we got hired.”

CLUBS/ORGANIZATIONS/MEMBERSHIPS: “I have a membership at GB3. I try to go maybe four or five times a week. They have kickboxing classes that I take as well.”

FAVORITE FOOD: “I like to go to Red Lobster; shrimps are my favorite.”

FAVORITE MOVIE: “I like to watch action and drama movies. I don’t have a favorite; I like to watch any.”

FAVORITE ARTIST/BAND: “I love Mexican music. I listen to Banda music a lot.”

FAVORITE BOOK OR AUTHOR: “I like books on the planets and history.”

FAVORITE SPORTS TEAM(S): “I like the LA Rams.”

HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOURSELF?“I think I’m a funny person, but I’m a normal person. I love communicating and playing with my family.”

WHAT IS SOMETHING MOST PEOPLE DON’T KNOW ABOUT YOU? “I love to do puzzles. They help relieve stress. I’ve done a 3,000-piece puzzle.”

FAVORITE THING ABOUT CLOVIS? “The community here is really nice and welcoming. I would recommend living here.”

DEFINE THE “CLOVIS WAY OF LIFE” AND WHAT IT MEANS TO YOU: “Everyone here just works hard and is very friendly. I love it here.”