Faces of Clovis: Jennifer Daley, Owner of Rodeo Coffee Shop

Jennifer Daley, Owner of Rodeo Coffee Shop

FAMILY: Jennifer Daley has resided in Clovis for 20 years with her husband of four years, 17-year-old son and two daughters.

“My husband launches, recovers and maintains aircrafts for the Air National Guard. My son will join the United States Marine Corps this year upon graduating from Clovis High. My eldest daughter stays busy with school and sports, but her passion is singing – especially playing viola for school and local orchestras – and my youngest daughter also works hard at school and is on her way to earning a black belt in karate.”

PLACE OF BIRTH: Kingsville, Texas

FIRST JOB: “They call it a courtesy clerk, but I was basically a bagger at H-E-B Grocery, ‘the’ grocery store in Texas.”

OCCUPATIONS: Daley is the owner of Rodeo Coffee Shop located at Fourth and Pollasky in Old Town Clovis. You can spot Daley interacting with and serving customers at her coffee shop.
“It’s fun to get people so giddy and excited, either when they’re thinking about [their food] when they order or when they get it in front of them. It’s like a kid at Christmas. I enjoy that.”

FAVORITE FOOD: “Biscuits & gravy! I also like so many different things from uber healthy to extremely indulgent.”

FAVORITE MOVIE: “Any comedy. No matter what’s going on in my daily life, I’m always in the mood to laugh!”

FAVORITE BOOK/AUTHOR: “Dean Koontz. He can be bizarre, at times, but he keeps me turning pages.”

HOBBIES/LEISURELY PURSUITS: “I enjoy taking trips with my family. We like to check out places that are new to us, but we also enjoy old favorites like Kings Canyon, the Sequoias and Pismo Beach. Like most people, I think, I try to pursue happiness, health and success for my family and myself.”

INTERESTING FACT: “In my early teens we lived in England, during which we traveled all over the island, Europe and even Russia.”

FAVORITE THING ABOUT 2017: “To be frank, 2017 was such a crazy year! But besides making memories with my loved ones, my favorite thing about last year was that [Donald] Trump became president.”

GOALS/RESOLUTIONS FOR 2018: “I’m trying to grow my business and help my employees succeed by creating better jobs and a better working environment.”

FAVORITE THING ABOUT CLOVIS: “If I had to pick one thing it’d be the people, they’re friendlier. There is a strong sense of community pride. I’ve lived in many other places, but the pride here is infectious. I also really like how the downtown area is just booming and becoming a nightlife.”