Eucalyptus Trees on Armstrong and Polson to be Trimmed in effort to preserve them

The two large eucalyptus trees to the north of Polson Avenue on Armstrong Avenue wait to be trimmed as of July 12th, while the third tree on the south side of Polson has already been trimmed. (Photo J.T. Gomez, Clovis Roundup)

July 12, 2023 – Three large eucalyptus trees at the intersection of Armstrong and Polson in Clovis are being trimmed as of July 12th.

The trees themselves have been declining in health and have developed decay. 

Branches being trimmed will support tree health and will help the city of Clovis preserve the trees for as long as possible.

By pruning trees, including the single tree across Polson Avenue, the city will be able to “keep an eye out” for the health of the trees themselves. 

With trimming done by BrightView Tree Care Service out of Madera, there was some concern that the trees themselves eventually would have to come down completely. 

However, with road work coming in the area as soon as July 17th, the potential total removal of the trees will have to wait as the City of Clovis mulls over possibilities. 

The City of Clovis maintains that they hope to minimize any potential tree damage. 

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