Engines roar and generations unite at the 4th annual Old Town Motorama

Photo by Steven Sandage, Clovis Roundup

May 18, 2024 – The heart of Clovis roars with the engines of classic cars and the cheers of car enthusiasts as the 4th Annual Old Town Motorama continues its celebration. This year’s event, meticulously organized by the Hot Rod Coalition, local volunteers, generous sponsors, and the collaborative efforts of the City of Clovis and B.O.O.T., promises an unforgettable experience for all attendees.

The festivities kicked off on Thursday evening at The Backyard Social Club, where the first sixty classic cars enjoyed reserved parking amidst live music, an open mic, craft beers, and delicious food. This intimate gathering set the tone for the extraordinary weekend to come.

Friday night brought the epic Pre-Party at Crow and Wolf Brewery, a partnership with Fresno Street Eats that delivered the best food trucks and a full street closure for classic car displays. Participants who pre-registered had exclusive access to this night of revelry, marking a fantastic start to the Motorama weekend.

Saturday’s show is a sensory feast, featuring live music, historic automobiles on display, amazing food vendors, and interactive booths with tremendous giveaways, including those from title sponsor O’Reilly Auto Parts. There’s something for everyone.

A family of four strolls through the array of gleaming vehicles at Motorama, captivated by the spectacle. David Mattox, the patriarch, proudly mentions that this is their first visit, and they’re having a fantastic time. His son, Kallon, is especially thrilled. “I love how unique some of the cars are. Learning about the motor shops that helped build them is really cool,” says Kallon, a student at Clark Junior High School.

Father and son, two generations that could be separated by modernity and technology, instead bridge the generational gap with cars. This is crucial to the future success of any passion—getting the next generations involved. Motorama and the car clubs that bring their incredible automobiles to Old Town Clovis need to bridge that gap.

Cody Clem helps the Hot Rod Coalition with managing social media and coordinating events and understands that need well. Inspired by his late uncle’s love for classic cars, Clem embraces nostalgia and memory-making, boasting a fleet that includes a full-race Model A Roadster, a T-Bird, and his cherished 1962 Ford Pickup. Alongside his role as a Firefighter Captain/Paramedic, Clem has dedicated seven years to the Hot Rod Coalition, where he emphasizes, “The Clovis Pharaohs car club is doing a great job of bridging that generational gap.” Notably, their chapter president is a youthful 34 years old.

Kerry Matsunaga, a member of the Clovis Pharaohs Car Club, brought his 1971 GTO to Motorama for the first time this year. Kerry beams with pride as he speaks about the fresh chapter, saying, “The Pharaohs are fairly new to Clovis, but our club is international – it’s everywhere.”

The Old Town Motorama is more than just a car show; it’s a celebration of heritage, craftsmanship, and community. Sunday wraps it all up with a cherished tradition: shop tours. Registered participants will embark on a tour of classic car shops and home garages across the Valley, discovering hidden gems and meeting fellow enthusiasts along the way.

The Hot Rod Coalition, inspired by a love for classic cars, works diligently to ensure that each year’s Motorama is a testament to the enduring allure of these vehicles. As Motorama celebrates its fourth year, it is clear that Old Town Clovis will be a haven for car aficionados for many years to come.