Developer makes case for Clovis senior living complex

This undeveloped property on Ness Avenue, east of Willow, is the proposed site for a new senior living complex. Neighbors of this area have voiced their stance against the complex, citing that it will increase noise and traffic in the neighborhood. Daniel Leon/Clovis Roundup

In a meeting lasting more than four hours, the Clovis City Council discussed a proposed senior living complex which has brought concerns to the community.

Neighbors say the the senior living complex will increase noise in the neighborhood as ambulances come in and out, in addition to causing traffic issues.

The proposed project would be located on Nees Avenue near Willow, just east of the Buchanan Estates neighborhood.

The center’s developer, Matt O’Brien, presented his case at the city council meeting on Monday, June 18.

O’Brien said he is willing to work with the city to address noise concerns and other issues.

“We will work with city to create visual beauty as well as privacy” O’Brien said. “We understand that we can go 7-feet on a fence now. If that’s something that’s important, we can definitely take that route.”

O’Brien added that he plans to add maple trees, so it gives the appearance of a much smaller community.

Despite the neighbors’ concerns about having a senior living center next to a school, O’Brien sees the location as an advantage for the students and the elders.

O’Brien said the location gives the students an opportunity to take a field trip to the facility, where they can meet with the elders and engage in activities.

The councilmembers asked O’Brien if has met with the neighbors to discuss his plans.

O’Brien said he had not.

Councilmember Lynne Ashbeck told O’Brien that it doesn’t make sense to make plans without a meeting with the neighbors.

As a Fresno State graduate and former Clovis resident, O’Brien said it’s very important for him to give back to the community by providing a center for seniors suffering from memories issues.

Unable to persuade the council for the moment, O’Brien has to wait for the council to review the information and vote on the project at a later date.

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